Monday, December 27, 2010

Hoarders: Mary & Mary Ann

Mary owns a consignment shop in Broomall, PA Her dream as a child was to own a consignment shop. Her Dad was a paper hoarder and her brother Peter is a leather jacket hoarder. It's in the BLOOD!

"Obviously I bought so many things that wouldn't even fill up the shop." Why obviously? That's not obvious. That is the choice of someone who makes bad choices.

Jo-Ann is a long-time friend and a sister-in-law. Her and her son Vincent live with Mary for god knows what reason.

Her kid is going to need some major orthodontics. Sell that hoard! That will be expensive.

*Scott just ethusiastically declared he wants to know who he's related to. commercial just aired.

Jo-Ann seems so annoyed with Mary yet she's living there with her?

This Mary/Mary Ann situation is cruel of A&E.

"This is where I sort a lot of things for the store."

Cory Chamblers is our clean-up sidekick. He's pretty active on facebook and the Possum crew.
Cory: What's that stuff?
Hoarder: That's stuff I want.
That about explains it.

"This is a $12 item." Mary sometimes we all have to throw away $12 dollar items when they turn to garbage.

Cory is a rockabilly looking clean-up expert. If he had a guitar he would have groupies. Instead he sometimes cleans up human feces. Cory is just trying to mentor the boy! No, he's not a sex offender. (That is always their excuse) He really is trying to mentor little hoarder offspring. God bless him.

Mary is feeling liberated by her progress. Is she trying to use this show to advertise her store?! Oh god. What if she is. Mary is a genius. She just had a break down. She is really sorry.

Mary is making progress and she had a pug!

Mary Ann Jericho, NY
Their house is cool looking from the outside. Mary Ann was a foxy lady back in the day. Well, in the current day she's a hoarder.

Angel, that's her husband. He has some kind of accent. Mary Ann thinks of herself as a classy lady, kinda like Delta Burke's character on Designing Women. Mary Ann, you are no Delta Burke!

I am going to have to turn on the closed captioning on Angel. OH! He's Puerto Rican and he has to stay married to Mary Ann to stay in the country with his children. That's messed up. America, one of our own has ruined this man. He's living in her collections. Let him stay. If you have to send someone to Puerto Rico send her.

"You'd see better conditions if you went to a section 8 house." Hoarder kid. I'm sorry hoarder kid. You didn't deserve this.

It's Tonya Hoarding! Dr. Robin Zasio if you're nasty.

"Why is your husband eating in the basement? You have hoarded out the kitchen." TONYA! She's kind of coming into her own. For awhile I thought she was trying to be like Matt Paxton with his silly quips, but the thing about Matt is when he says "crap" "poop" or "feces" it FEELS like he's saying "shit" but he's too nice to ever say the "s" word. Tonya seems pretty streetwise. She's sort of like a young Judge Judy, but of hoarders.

Something happened last night. No clue what happened. Angel looked at the camera all smiley and evil. Mary Ann is looking all sullen. Oh now Angel is so happy throwing away garbage and they are stopping him because Mary Ann will freak out. Well Angel is freaking out right now. Is that okay with you, Tonya!? Tonya talked him down.

Their wallpaper was really ugly. There are other problems, but that's not pretty.

Tonya says we're leaving at a severe level of hoard. The kitchen was clean though.

These people used to be lookers! not so much anymore. Hoard abounds.

*Does not pertain to Hoarders.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

the kitchen was CLEAN?

Jyl said...

So I had to google what the first Hoarder specialist lady said she was an expert in.

How do you become an expert in that?

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