Monday, December 20, 2010

Hoarders: Andrew and Lydia

Matt Paxton says this will be a less disgusting episode of Hoarders. That probably means no poop, pee, dead animals or possums. It's about how hoard effects the family. We'll see if he's right. (You know he'll be right.)

Tonight's episode of #hoarders is very interesting. Not as gross as usual, but shows us how hoarding can affect the entire family. Really love this family. I'm on at 10pm on A&E.

Andrew Franklin, Massachusetts 
He's 19 and he doesn't think his brain has been wired for neat and tidy. He looks like a little monchichi with that beard and fluffy hair. Why do they keep featuring kids as if they're the problem and not their parents that they are living with? That seems awfully strange to me. He's living in his parents hoarding so it's not all his fault.

Chris is Andrews brother. He blames their mom. Mom blames herself as well. "Bastard coated bastard" is how Chris describes their father. I gather they don't have a great relationship. Chris left his mom and brother behind when he was 14.

Andrew thinks growing up in the hoard made him love hoard. P.S. Don't name your kids Andrew unless you're certain you can raise them not to hoard. We seem to have a high Andrew-hoarder ratio.

She's stocking up on litter so one day she can get cats to hoard! Romance novels and boxed wine. Oh god. So close we all come to shitting in a box. Matt Paxton was right, 4-5 decisions and you're there. You're shitting in a box.

Andrew just thinks his hoard cove is just soooo cozy and personal. He likes cuddling with his trash collection.

YOUNGEST SELF ADMITTED HOARDER! Yeah. That wasn't that exciting as all those caps would lead you to believe. Andrew's mom was more interested in naps than Andrew he says. His grandma took over his mom's role. Why Andrew the 19 year old is living with his mother now is beyond me. Get out of the house if you aren't going to do anything with your life but sit around and hoard. Hoard your own house up.

Pen/Calculator. Don't throw that out! FUN! As Chris says they are on a treasure hunt. That is exactly what it's like! They are having a blast rummaging through their treasures.

What dramatic music this episode. Geesh.

Does this piece of crap have a girlfriend? Get a grip on yourself, girl. It's not worth it. You're young. Or do you think Andrew paid this girl to stand on camera with him and pretend to be his girlfriend? He seems like the kind of guy that would do that and he's soo angry.

They took out 7 tons of trash and 1 ton was donation. Andrew refuses to move out! God that would suck  as a parent. Get out of the house, kid.

Lydia a homemaker in Paterson, New Jersey. She grew up in Puerto Rico. She was there until she was 16-17 then she decided to chase her dreams and move to Jersey. She goes BANANAS for flower figurines. It's hard not to.

Michael, her son got a hip infection that went up to his neck. Now he can't move and has to live with his hoarder mother. He can't get his chair through the house so he can't go home right now. He's a young guy and may possibly have to go into a nursing home because his mom is a figurine fetishist. That's not right. That's why I'll never truly understand the hoard. It's garbage over loved ones each time.

It's Dr. Scott Hannan. I haven't really felt compelled to care for this Dr. yet. Matt Paxton is more of a doctor to these hoarders than these actual doctors could ever be.

"I know you like trophies. Do you mind if I give you some?" What asshole friend passes off garbage trophies on their friend? Oh you love garbage, here. Save your garbage for Lydia, she loves it.

Matt Paxton is here. Business is about to be handled. Oh he knows those trophies are bad news. I bet all Matt's friends are always asking him to help move. That would suck.

Matt Paxton just responded to my question on facebook. If you were wondering he did learn tough love from his grandma.

"This is a typical mom problem." Matt Paxton is letting Lydia know what the deal is. Kids use mom as a storage unit. Matt Paxton is crushing dreams that need to be crushed with these trophies. They're tossed. Matt's team bought Lydia flowers to apologize about breaking a vase! He's taught them well.

This lady still has not cleaned her sons room.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh.................! yuck as usual!

Erin from Boston said...

it was fun to watch the MA hoard just to hear the mom talk with her new england accent. i love how unclassy it always makes us sound.

Lydia aka Frida Kahlo needs to get a damn grip and throw out some trophies so her son doesn't have to live in a nursing home! they weren't even her trophies!

Leigh said...

Hoarders... I watch it with a pillow so I can cover my face during the really insane parts. lol

and dont trophies usually have your name on them???

kacky said...

I so agree with you about the trophy friend. What a cruel thing to do.

LolaFulana said...

Agreed (trophy comments)... the mother and son from MA are pure PIGS! Eewwwh, nasty ones too!

Unknown said...

What a handsome is Lydias son. Hope he recovers.

dawn bradbury said...

I was thinking the same thing😊 Lydia's son is an absolute beaut!! I hope they both recover

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