Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I don't remember how old I was but one year my family was really into stranger danger talks. We had to have family discussions about stranger danger (what felt like) all the time. We learned in school that if anyone was ever after us or we were in danger we should go to a "blue star" house. These houses had blue stars in their window and they were safe, I guess. I was afraid that someone would be after me and the blue star house would be a trick to get kids to run there and the villain blue star house people would get me. Strangely I can't find much about this whole blue star thing on the internet. There's this. Maybe it was only in Iowa. How strange. I swear I am not making all of this up. It sounds so crazy now.

In one of our many stranger danger discussions we had to come up with a code word. This code word was to be used, if say, someone came to pick me up from school other than my parents. Those kinds of situations. We had to come up with a family code word. I had it! Goggles. That would be our code word. Best codeword ever. I think it's safe to give it out now.

Did I ever request the code word? You're damn right I did.


Gail said...

I remember blue star houses!

Melissa Miller said...

Ummm no Blue Star houses in Minnesota...we had McGruff houses.

GOGGLES! What a fantastic word. Do your parents know you put it on the interwebs for all to see???

Reverend Awesome said...

See! I'm not crazy with the blue star houses.

My mom will know tomorrow when she reads my blog. She's my number 1 fan.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

My wife grew up in KC, Missouri and they had some kind of neighborhood thing too, maybe not with blue stars, but something....I just came home alone and hung out with my juvenile delinquent friends :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

The only problem today is that we found out that is usually isn't strangers that perp on kids. Today it's the teachers, family members, etc...It should be..."Beware of everyone today"! lol lol ;) Not funny one bit, but totally scary to George and I....we are careful with everyone until we feel we truly know them, and even that has proven fatal in some situations for people.

Both Sides of Ben said...

Code words are the coolest. We should use them more in our blogs. We need a code word project.
i dont remember getting any stanger danger talks. maybe the world was still safe then. it Was a while ago..
My town was pretty safe i think also. I remember hearing this woman i worked with in the city once saying how she needed to go back to long island after work and pick her son up from school. she lived around the corner from me and it was Not far from school.. I was like, wtf, youre turning your son into a Pssy.. . Just let him walk the 15 minutes.

Reverend Awesome said...

Codewords are super fun!
We had to use the codeword on family too. Anyone that wasn't Mom or Dad.

We would walk home. One time we walked home behind some older kids and they seemed super cool. We were close enough to eavesdrop and everything. We were hearing older kid talk! One of the girls spit. I thought that was amazing at the time.

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