Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Dear wwkd---
Man have I got PROBLEMS! First off, I am trying to find a nice pair of Ghostbusters jammies for the wife for Christmas.  last year the Cat in the Hat flannel jammies were a big success.  But dang, I am having a hard time finding a nice style flannel Ghostbusters jammies for her this year, whaddya think KC?
Secondly, we are deep into watching season one of Bored to Death with Zach Galiafianakwhatever and we have GOT to know:  does Zach's character EVER get to have sex with Leah? Still a no go after the first 4 episodes....
AND, don't you think it would be kinda hard to kiss a fuzzy face like his?  Leah does.  I s'pose it must be some kind of BEAR thing, huh?
Thanks WWKD,
signed, Desperate to Know if Zach gets any action other than providing sperm for his lesbian friends which does not count

You know what's better than flannel jammies? FEETED JAMMIES! You can get them HERE
Who doesn't love feeted pjs?! I know I do and things I love are things everyone should love. 

I haven't been watching, but I will tell you the extremely hot lady Zach does get action.
This lovely woman here is his lady friend.

Not only is she lovely on the outside, but inside.
Are you ready to love him more? Watch this video. Funny man with a heart. Does it get any better?


George and Maureen Johnson said...

Great video, what a cool couple. Great blog, made me smile, and smile. ! Your awesome Reverend Awesome! Love it! :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I have to say, the drop seat PJs there are a sexy possibilty I hadn't considered before WWKD, that is AWESOME :)
Are you telling me that this is his GF for realz???????????? I heard an interview with him on the radio. He never had a GF until recently--he went through his 20s, never had any money in his pocket, as he said, never thought he had a chance. Then he said, now I have money in my pocket and maybe...? he wasn't trying to say anything bad, just that he didn't have anything in his life to share with anyone, except humor, and nobody was paying attn to that.

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