Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sharing Time

I have a few things to share with you fine people.

First. Watch this.

That sandwich they show there? My friend Matt has eaten it 20 times! And Man vs. Food was here, his friend that it was named after was there and Matt was there! He even got to ask a question and they better air it or I will be wrathful. Matt has been very hush hush about whether or not Man or Food won. It's part of the rules and he's honored those rules. Guess when we'll know? Tomorrow night (Or TODAY if you're reading this on Wednesday) on the travel channel at 9 E/P. Looks like while Adam was in town he also went to Living History Farms. So it should be pretty great.

Another thing. Do you guys remember how we did Bras for the Cause last year? If you don't you can find our entries HERE. This year we only did one, but it was pretty freaking great. May I present, Ms. Pac MAMM. I hope she wins!
Oh. Guess what else, homeboys/girls? My friends/coworkers got me an ipad for a wedding present! Oh god. Nerdery on the go, folks! I love it. It's name is Clyde. I've been app browsing tonight after getting app guidance from Kelc today.
And along with the ipad was a card filled to the edges with hilarity.
We ate at Drake Diner and I had grilled cheese and onion rings and used like 9 napkins. Matt (of eating 20 giant sandwiches fame) even gave me some of his shake. And someone wished me a happy birthday...happy birthday to me!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

MS PAC MAN! Such a GREAT bra! Who wouldn't want that on their tatas??????????

Becky Jo said...

I love Ms. Pac MAMM! She'll win, for sure. :)

Happy Birthday to you! Oh, wait... isn't that in February?! ;)

An iPad! You have the nicest work buddies!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Oh wow, our dogs would love that sandwich, meat, with meat, and oh add some bacon to the meat. lol lol I would hate to eat that in front of our Ratties, they would probably attack us and run under the couch with it! lol :)
Love that Pac Man Bra, you are spectacularly awesome!
We sure love ya....!

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