Monday, October 25, 2010

Hoarders: Tami + George

The episode I missed last week. That's right. I'm subjecting myself to two Hoarders in one night. I think that weekend off took away some of my dead cat/poop numbness. I have to build back my tolerance. This is the only way to do it.

Tami is from Pheonix, Arizona. They don't really have yards in Arizoa. Well, they have yards but not grass yards according to everything I've seen on TV. She's on disability. She has non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

So, she has no immune system and she's living in hoarded home. She's killing herself with garbage. If she doesn't clean she won't survive another round of chemo. She has kids. They left the house to go live with their dad. Well yeah. Take the non-hoard house option.

Tami is a rat breeder. She had 2-3 hundred rats a time. Well, I wonder how many thousands there are around the house now. The rats got out and the house got infested with them. Mama's don't let your babies grow up to be rat breeders.

Tami is a straight talking hoarder. She gets it. She's not in love with her garbage. The garbage just accumulated because she was too depressed to clean and even more depressed that she was a hoarder. Sure, she's got some treasures, but as of yet she hasn't really talked about loving her trash.

Her toilet is broken and remains broken because she's too ashamed to let someone in to fix it. She has shame. A lot of hoarders don't. Good for her.

Tami is doing great throwing everything away. So that obviously means that she will have a breakdown soon. Oh. Here it is.

There is sooo much rat poop. She wants to dig through the rat poop to look for her gold ring. She thinks the rat stole her ring and it could be anywhere even in rat poop. SHE SAYS IT'S WORTH THE RISK to dig through poop for rings. It's NOT. It's not worth your life to dig through poop for a ring. I don't care who you are it's not worth it.

Oh Tami, no. She's in the poop.

They found a mystery skull. SHE COLLECTS SKULLS! She says, "Oh no I brought that in." Her daughter is saying the carcass is soo normal. And a mystery carcass at that. It looks like a little chupacabra.  Now the clean-up lady is saying she understands, it's Southwestern. Really!? Really, southwest? What freaky crap are mid-westerners collecting?

Tami is angry they are throwing out their food. Tami said it wasn't covered in feces. The DVDs and boxed meals have pushed her to the ledge. In the words of Snooki, she's "off the roof" over this non-garbage.

Tami is clean now. She has a tacky glass table, but she's all clean. This was a happy-time Hoarders episode. Much easier to watch than biscuit kitties. Tami now cares whether she lives or dies. Good step.

Her ring was never found. Those god damn rats...

George lives in Ohio. George is a registered nurse. He's 63. My sister is a registered nurse! She's 21, she lives in Des Moines. She doesn't hoard. That's just bonus recapping for you.

George has give or take 5 or 10 tons of miscellaneous. He brings home little treasures everyday. He's done that for 20 or so years. He's a little squirrel.

George is a public health problem He gets a $50,000 fine per day for his garbage yard. Does anyone really think a hoarder can pay that fine? I don't know why jails are overcrowded. Maybe because they are filled with hoarders that can't pay their fines...or maybe other reasons.

I KNOW A HOARDER LIKE THIS GUY!  I don't know how much to say about that though. I doubt he reads my blog, but I don't know. Hoarders are a wiley bunch and I'm not going to mess with them!

Matt Paxton is here. Everyone loves Matt Paxton.

George has half-started garage filled with trash. It's sort of a memorial to his father. I feel like his Dad would probably want to be remembered in another way.

George is way sentimental. It is pretty sweet but I wish he would realize he's sentimental over junk. Keep memories not garbage. Take photos of the junk and keep a junk scrapbook but throw the junk away! Hoarders, that is your solution. Become a scrapbooker. No...I've actually seen how much bullshit people buy to scrapbook. Scrapbooking has become a rich person's hobby. That's really weird. Look at photos of it on your computer. Digitally hoard. That's totally fine.

Now George is actually enjoying his treasures. This is pretty great. He hasn't seen a truck for 20 years. He's so happy. They hope it can be a project he can finish

George is a nice dude so this is happy times. George actually got a check of "metal money" for all of his scrap metal. Now he's way fired up.

So yes. No dead cats, only a dead chupacabra. A lot of rat poop.


k.a. barnes said...

"I think that weekend off took away some of my dead cat/poop numbness. I have to build back my tolerance."

I love that you have a dead cat/poop tolerance.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

f##king rat poop????

Leslie said...

I'm in the midwest. I collect crafting crap and thats about it.

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