Monday, September 27, 2010


I am seriously blog slacking. Not slacking on reading YOUR blogs. Slacking on writing on mine. I'm sickened with myself over it.
Here are some things that haven't been mentioned since my last blog post.
1. I had a bachelorette party. It was Fun City, USA. We went to Ankeny, we went to Waukee, we went to West Glen. Let me tell you who kept me from serenading everyone with 90's rap, the god damn Iowa Hawkeyes. Screw them. I've already told you how I feel about their fans.
So the game is on in every bar and there is no karaoke. I mean, there are TVs everywhere all showing the same thing. Get out of my life, football! I hate you!
Luckily Heath made the most amazing mix CD for us to listen to on the bus so I got to do a bit of singing. I also learned I MUST practice my pole/rope dancing. I've put that on my to-do list.

Here are a few pictures.

It was co-ed cuz that's how I roll. I do not discriminate against people for having penises. They can still be my friend. We didn't do any of that gross stuff like sucking for a buck or wearing a veil around all evening. Being an idiot just isn't for me. If it's for you I'm sure you're not an idiot. (I'm not sure. You might be.)

I also went mini-golfing and got a hole in one. Don't let that fool you. I was pretty awesome for the first 9 holes. Like, lesbian level awesome, but then I feel apart. 7-8 swings at some holes. 
The above photo was taken pre-golf. I was looking around the room and saw sooo many chucks and demanded that everyone get up so I could get a picture. The green ones are sported by our proofreader. He is way awesome! Way way awesome. 

This weekend I did a wee bit of shopping for myself! I never do that. It wasn't for clothes (Sorry, everybody. I will continue to wear the same clothes.) I got a coin purse I had been eyeing for some time from Basemint. And a print and a card and some buttons... They do screenprinting and design and they are way awesome. If you are reading and live in Iowa they have an exhibition this Friday and you should go. I'm going. 
I paid them in cash and a finger puppet. Kelly and Andrew are righteous dudes. 

Guess who else was at Market Days? Becky Jo! I hadn't seen her since the last hot pot. She had new pots she'd made with slip...I'm not sure if that's how you use that term in a sentence. She's using slips. I only know that term because Becky said it. If you're a potter you know what I'm saying.

Then I stopped by Domestica, FINALLY. I knew it would be great because I am a fan on facebook and they are always posting all these great things. Well, of course it was way super cool. I wanted everything in there. I bought some soaps and an owl alphabet print and I wanted to buy sooo much more. I had to control myself though. I have this wedding going on and can't go too crazy with the money, but I wanted to go soooo crazy! It's like someone got in my brain and saw all the things I thought were cool and put them in a store for me. And the owner is an owl enthusiast and WAY nice. 

So, I'm sorry readers. (There are literally dozens of you!) I will try not to slack like this again. I'm ashamed of myself.


k.a. barnes said...

I love the chucks picture!!
And I REALLY love that you paid for your treasures with cash & a finger puppet. So many of our world's problems might be solved if more people used puppets as currency.

And I'm with you on avoiding the typical gross stuff people seem to do at bachelorette parties. Mine was just hanging out with all the ladies in my family at my folks' house one weekend. Of course, my Auntie MM got BLASTED on vodka tonics, used the f word prolifically, ran off & sat on our neighbor's front porch, and threw a coconut purse at my sister's head. But none of that was gross. Or involved veils.

Reverend Awesome said...

That sounds like an excellent and most certainly non-gross!! I would like to hang out with Auntie MM! She sounds like a good time gal.

I think Obama needs to give a finger puppet to all world dignitaries.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

that dang party bus shoulda just drivin all the way east and picked US up! I have never been to a bachelorette party!

Becky Jo said...

1. I hate football too, just as much as I hate politics.

2. I'm so bummed I missed the bus party, and even more bummed that I currently do not own Chucks (yet).

3. Kelly and Andrew from Basemint have way cool stuff, including my giraffe coin purse.

4. You're right on the usage of the word 'slip'.

5. Don't feel bad about slacking on your blog, ya know, since you're busying planning and wedding and whatnot. 11 days! :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Great blog Reverend Awesome. I hate gross things also, I don't mind watching other people partake of such things, but count me out for sure. George also, he gets so embarrassed his face turns bright red, and he runs away. I usually just laugh.
Great photos, and George and I despise all sports and politics..Love the coin purse, and all of us realize how much goings on you have to deal with in your life right now.
We love you, your the greatest for sure!

Leigh said...

I love your blog and always read... especially if I forget to watch hoarders, So Im counting on you Kasey!!!

I have never been to a bachelorette party. I can help but to use my imagination as to what goes on at one... a gross one I mean.

Sound like you have had some excellent fun!

Luvin' the puppet!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I am realizing that if you combine HOBOS and FUCK you get HAWKEYES. Coincidence??????? I think NOT.

Reverend Awesome said...

I think not either, Gary.
The party bus would have been an excellent way to road trip to New York.

Thanks, Becky. I thought I knew what I was saying about slip until I wrote it down.

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