Monday, September 13, 2010

Hoarders: Robin + Ken

Robin-Beautician started living in the house in 1988. She had it fixed up real nice then. 

Festus is the husband invalid father. He said it used to be a jewel of a house and then the hoarding and garbage kind of crept in on them and there it was.

Snuffy is Robin's brother. He looks like he could be a door to door salesman.

Someone reported their house for smelling. Snuffy didn't know why they didn't call on them sooner.

The cats took over. There cat poop all over everything. I mean everything. Even on top of the washer and dryer.

Kelly is entering her mom's for the first time in ten years and she has to wear a surgical mask. She couldn't take it. She turned away balling. Snuffy has to comfort her.

Snuffy was wearing an Iowa Hawkeye sweatshirt! HAHA. Hawk fans are related to hoarders.

She did have some nice collector plates on the wall. And Jesus.

Robin thinks stuff in there is still usable. It's all chewed up and rotten.

Clean up guy says it's the worst house he's ever smelled. 3 FEET OF CAT FECES. He's running his fingers through cat feces. This clean up guy is mouthy once again.
"If you and I took a poop on the floor for 3 years it would smell really bad too."

Cat number 2 in 20 minutes. Yeah, that's 2 dead cats. "You've got dead animals in 3 feet high poop."

Kelly is shouting because her mom is sorting through boxes that are full of crap. She yelled at her that it was full of crap! It was covered in roach eggs and Kelly is pissed. I'm pissed too.

MUMMIFIED CATS. She loved her cats to death says the clean up guy. There are more dead cats. Loads of them. He says it's because she loved her cats so much and that's why her house looks the way it does. She buried the dead cat bones instead of putting them in the dumpster.

The stairway is filled with trash bags that were literally filled with shit. Oh my god. She lied and pretended it wasn't poop at first. It's bags and bags and bags of human feces. I could puke. I could absolutely puke. 10 years of adult feces. Oh my god. NO!

Robin used to be a beautician. That just blows my mind. I bet it blows yours too. Robin called the cleaning guy an idiot.

Okay. The house isn't even livable. For sure. The upstairs you can't even go into the upstairs. It's a lost cause.

The city inspectors are here. If they let them move in they are idiots. Oh my god I can't believe how much cleaning they actually did. How did they do that?! Amazing. They'll find out in a week...

Robin's home is going to get demolished because she doesn't have 75,000 to repair it. She'll be billed $10,000. Good luck getting that money.

Ken Redlands, CA He's 52 years old. 

He has a 32 year old wife. She's living in an apartment.

Don is Ken's brother. He thinks it's absurd that Ken might go to jail for being a total trash box.

Christine, 25 Ken's daughter. Not too much younger than his wife.

Ken says he takes his parenting job very seriously. Ken is full of shit. If you are taking parenting seriously you wouldn't live in a trash heap. You also wouldn't wear that weird hat. I think Ken thinks he's 14.

Ken has a thing against waste. He doesn't want to fill the landfills so he fills his house. He also hates junk mail, but he can't stop it. Shut your mouth, Ken. He annoys me.

Tonya Harding's name is Robin Zasio.

Ken is claiming he has a disability and because of that he shouldn't go to jail. His choice in hats is certainly not helping anything.

Ken is still annoying me to the point I can barely watch him in his stupid floppity blue hat.

All of Ken's charges were dropped and he doesn't have to go to jail.


Tiffany said...

Personally when I saw the cleaner guy piling up Robin's poo bags into a black bag, I was thinking the rules in my house need to apply to Robin: You make a mess, YOU clean it up. If Robin decides to fill bags full of feces and pile them in a big poo mountain, Robin should have to clean it up herself and be disgusted and ashamed. I guess she didn't learn that when she was 4.

Jessica said...

Oh. My. God.

Anonymous said...

Robin needs to get mental help. It's one thing when you have piles of old stuff that you just cannot get rid of that's bad but you can kinda understand how those people would think that they can use the objects over again but human feces why would someone keep that. seems to me that she was so lazy in taking care of her house that she couldn't throw away her piles of crap.

Reverend Awesome said...

Yeah, I don't think anyone has an emotional attachment to bags of poop. That's what they say about all the other stuff hoarders keep. They are emotionally attached. Well tell me how she's attached to these shit bags. I'd love to know.
She should have had to clean up her poop mountain! I don't get how that gets to be someone else's job.

Leigh said...

Maybe she was hoping to shit a mountain and climb out of her shit hole?

Hoarders is addicting. Yesterday I helped my dad clean out his shop... I called him a hoarder... now I feel bad.

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Tiffany said...

They said her toilet didn't work...but they didn't explain. Could she not afford to fix it, couldn't afford the water bill, or just gave up on all accounts? I'm going for the latter. At least the other Hoarder woman from another show had the decency for the cleanup crew, at least, to go potty in a nearby store. Poor store cleaners. But then how do you bathe - truck stop bathrooms? Pay-as-you-go for a toilet/shower?

k.a. barnes said...

Couldn't she compost? Sell it to a farm as fertilizer?
Maybe she was saving it "for good"? For company?
I am so disturbed by this, I can barely visualize this.

Tiffany said...

I don't think she had the wherewithall (sp?) and determination to compost. :-) She seemed kinda lazy!

Reverend Awesome said...

It was like she was composting her entire house with poop!

Anonymous said...

Tiffany - the reason lazy a$$ couldn't use the toilet is because so much debris piled up everywhere that there was no running water. Wow! I could NOT believe what I was watching. I couldn't believe that someone even TRIED to clean that house. I guess it made for good TV watching? All I know is if I was one of the neighbors, I'd be pissed!!! I wonder where she is now? She's probably living with her daughter, piling $hit up in her house! How does she not have some type of disease or dysentery?? That place was like Hell for cats. Meow.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the guy's name is Festus (not Estes) and it's her invalid father (not husband).

Not that that makes it any better, but accuracy is a good thing.

So is not shitting in a bag.

Reverend Awesome said...

Updated. Thanks.

Bargearse said...

Only just saw this episode so the post is a little late. I didn't think anyone could beat Augustine for filth, but Robin's mountain of human waste makes Augustine look like a domestic goddess. It's sad and disgusting to watch, but it's like a car crash - you just can't help yourself.

A common theme with all of the folks featured on the show is that they are lazy, obstinate and selfish to the extreme with many showing a distinct lack of regard for how their behavior effects others. Having a 'disorder' to blame it on only serves as a convenient excuse to sit on their backsides while the crew does all the dirty work. The hoarder should be punished by having to clean the worst of it themselves.

Another common theme is that many of the folks featured don't have working plumbing or running water. These particular subjects seem a little slow to me and lacking in commonsense. It's as if they don't know how to pay a bill or perhaps they don't feel that paying for function rather than a tangible object is money well spent.

Before this episode was filmed Robin and her father were sleeping rough, sometimes at bus stops, sometimes in their rubbish filled car or at the back of a Walmart. They only returned to the house to feed the cats. Eventually the dad was placed in an aged care facility and Robin in a low income apartment where they remain today. The house has been demolished.

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