Monday, September 6, 2010

Hoarders: Recapping Round 2

Wow. This is a lot of garbage for one girl in one night, but here I go.

Gordon (71, retired) and Gaye (70), Washington

Kids, grown ass kids, are living at home with these hoarders. Well, yeah, that's not okay.

Kids say they aren't hoarding. They are collectors. Parents hate the house.

Gaye fell and was trapped for 11 HOURS! And then the secret about the hoarding was known to the public.

Oh my god. There used to be cats in their backyard in cages, in 6-8 inches of feces.

Again, a non-functioning bathroom. I don't get how people go on like that.

These hoarders are kinda suicidal. They are not fun. These are just totally opposite ends of the spectrum hoarders.

Gordon is throwing stuff away right and left. The organizer says maybe he's not the hoarder and it's the rest of the family. Scott says he's hoarder by default. Yeah, I think I agree. Oh man, Gaye is kinda bitchy.

These people are really into what is and isn't other people's business.

The Dr. can't go into the house without Gordon. The wife insists on it. Nutjobs. Now Gordon is mad that a building inspector is on his way over. He looks scary about all this. Psycho look on his face. He just keeps saying how he wants to die.

"Why don't we take what we want and leave here. Screw all of them." Gordon

When you have to shovel garbage out. That's when you're a hoarder.

The cats are back! Oh my god. Will they be okay? I hope they will be okay. No more leaving them in poop, guys!

"On a scale of 9-10 we are a 10." Building inspector. That's a pretty small scale.

At the end their house was condemned and they are now renting an apartment with their cats.

Sir Patrick. Oh my. See below on who he is. 

Before reading on go to THIS LINK. To find out about "Sir" Patrick.

"SIR COLONEL DR. PATRICK DONOVAN FLANNAGAN O'SHALLAHAN. I know that's redundant for a leprechaun. If my name were shorter I'd be seven feet tall at least. I'm special forces, first force reconnaissance and I was also a chaplain and a medic and I was a tunnel rat, I've been a missionary in the jungles, I was going to become a monk, Dominico, I'm a healer. I AM King Arthur I AM Peter Pan. I AM the white night and I've created my own kingdom that I live in and that's called Camelot." 
Sir Patrick from Florida

Oh wow. He's got dolls. He has to be on LSD. He has swords, wood elephants. "Anything peaceful, beautiful and ornate like Liberace."

Steve is here. I think Steve is his boyfriend. But he says he's just a friend, yeah he says he's just a friend. Oh STEVEY, you, got what Sir Patrick needs...

Prince Charles knighted him! He really is Sir Patrick.

"If you can afford it it's not worth having." Sir Patrick

He just says he likes beautiful women and flowers. I am really doubting the liking women thing, but whatever. He was born in Dingle, Ireland and some rambling about monks.

He has life-size dolls in some fancy garb that ride around in his cars with him. He's something special. I feel like he's the John Waters of hoarding.

This guy is a total maniac, but I don't know about being a hoarder.

The bun lady hoarding experts says he's not typical, because he feels no shame. He's proud.

He's wearing a satin dragon robe, of course. This Sir Patrick is just living it up.

Sir Patrick is a marine. He's got his marine flags flying proud in front of his Liberace home aka Camelot.

Sir Patrick has some sort of asian prince cap on and a silky robe to wear on cleaning day. His asian cap comes equipped with a built in braided pony-tail. He's going to be famous. For sure.

Sir Patrick says that if some oriental goes then it all needs to go. He doesn't want to go half measure. Now he's all about throwing things out. He's a fireball.

His stuff is going to auction. Most of his antiques are faux.

Ominous music over this Ming Dynasty painting.

There we go. Sir Patrick has decided he is not getting rid of anything. He says that the dolls remind him of a neighbor daughter that passed away.

"Anything that is reality based is poison to me." Sir Patrick. He's not interested in reality. Okay, he's kind of like Michael Jackson.

Sir Patrick had a breakthrough! He's King Arthur the White Knight and not so much Peter Pan anymore and he's going to miss that.

He had a heart attack a couple days after cleanup.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see your comments. I was surfing around as I'm sincerely hoping that Sir Patrick is doing well, since his health scare after the Hoarding show.

I think he rocks, too. Wonder if he has a F/b page? Will have to check. If you get any updates, will you pls put em' up ? Thanks.


Anonymous said...

i think it's absolutly awfull what they did to that poor man .. that was his life , his happiness ,, and for ratings and profit they strip him of his life .. true "help" would be to help him clean up the fridge and any bug problem .. and maybe a donation .. people like this are a rare breed .. it's ironic that the same tv station used to air programs about accentric people and their beutifull wonderfull magical houses and fantasy lands etc that all the kids love .. a willi wonka world etc etc .
what people don't know is that sir patrick had the heart attack SOON after the camera crew left .. and they left all his "kept" stuff in his yard .. people were stealing it .. even into the night taking stuff out of his yard and trying to get into the house .

this tv show has ruined this man and his life for entertainment and ratings . and should be held accountable . sad sad sad .

Becky Jo said...

They should have left Sir Patrick alone and done a show about the hoarders out at Lake Panorama... a friend of mine said they removed 22 live cats from the garage, which didn't have one dry place for the cats to stand... complete mayhem... at the fancy lake! I guess hoarding is for every all incomes.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

who are these anon types? I think there is definately mental illness on display and YES, doctors need to step in and take away the cats and lock up the people.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

A and E did not ruin anybody's life, I think the life was already ruined, actually....

Reverend Awesome said...

I loved Sir Patrick too. He was just sort of out of touch, but aware that he was and totally okay with that. He admitted to not wanting to deal with reality.
He went from totally happy living in his Camelot to being a broken man. Sad.
Some people are too delicate for our reality.

Leigh said...

LOL. I am with Gary. Whats up with the Anons???
for the record,

I love Hoarders. Nothing gives me a kick in the ass to clean and get organized like Hoarders.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

I used to do Cognitive behavioral therapy with Agoraphobics, OCD's, way! I would of lost my cool, very quickly.
Knew some serious hoarders, personally, OMG...! Knew both junk and animals hoarders...really sad, and Oh So painfully out of touch.
When you work with them they really are not what you think they are, many are , well I don't want to say too much I guess. I just didn't have patience with them.
I guess one persons Camelot, is totally different then anothers! lol lo lol...I prefer the semi-clean, organized lollol...:)

Wayne Mazy said...

How is "Sir" Patrick a wonderful man he is a liar and a fraud!!! retired Colnel w/ Marine Force Recon, Chaplain, Medic, and Tunnel Rat. The only thing he forgot was ex CIA and mafia hitman. Lets not forget he was knighted for saving two members of the royal family sort of like "Patriot Games" and he was worldwide news as an infant found in a coal bin in Ireland. What a crock!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Wayne Mazy, tell me more! All I know is what was on A&E. I would love to hear all of this! I could do a whole blog exposé on Sir Patrick. I'm not above such things.

Anonymous said...

"Sir" Patrick is also a sex offender. Funny thing about it is that about the same time he's being "knighted" he was really locked up in prison.

Evelyn said...

I have been following this story since the beginning. This blog is very informative.

dejablues said...

Someone is already doing a blog expose of "Patrick" (not his real name), a liar, fraud, and convicted sex offender he has many aliases and trolls dating sites for girls.

Reverend Awesome said...

WHOA! Thanks for the link!

Anita said...

Kudos to you for wanting to do an exposé on Sir Patrick. You're a true blogger!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the show about Sir Patrick on Hoarders. I did find your link (with its "sexual offenders" references enlightning as well.
I don't feel Sir Patrick falls into the typical class of Hoarders.
He is interesting, and man would I love to go into his house. If he wants to make money (to pay his hydro bill, etc) he should charge admission.
Your comments were great.

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