Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Duties of a Taste Maker

My friend Gary once said that everyone knows I'm a taste maker. Does everyone know? Do you know? Well, I am! So many things to tell you about my friends this week.

The Underground Pirate Ship has set sail once more. This time with Fran!
She was a great guest star and when you hear her laughing at something off to the side, that's at me. I was a podcast observer. Fran was Scott's guest. Listen to that here: The Underground Pirate Ship #4 They talk about jizz breathing dragons. What else.

My friend Matt wrote an advice column for a local advertising blog. It's hilarious. Read that HERE.

I also went to a show Friday afternoon. (It was the all-ages show. The teens are kicked out of downtown at 9.) My friend Judd was playing and my friend Josh's brother was also playing. I baby sat him when he was just a wee one!

First up was Chris. Christopher the Conquered when with band, but this was a solo act. He was so awesome! Just him and his piano. Singing his heart out. Great voice and then he got up and stood at the front of the stage and sang loud, and good without a microphone mid-song.

A man and his keyboard. His regular band is less low-key, but I just loved it. You can check him out HERE. He's one of the top 27 hot things in Central Iowa right now. They weren't in order of hottest, but I bet he's top 5.

And my friend Judd played. I first saw him...year ago at House of Bricks. I walked in and I said to my friend, "this sounds like actual music I would listen to." I'll admit that doesn't often happen at House of Bricks. We talked after the show, he gave me a CD and it was just great. To listen to his stuff, I can't believe I'm linking to myspace, but it's HERE.

And the most exciting thing EVER. Today, Gary showed me my wedding gift. It is one of his amazing teapots. I'll post again when it's in my possession, but if you can't wait to see it like I couldn't wait to see it, check it out HERE. AHH! I love it! I want to take pictures of me throwing a tea party with it. Thank you, Gary.

I'm sure more of my friends will be awesome soon and I'll share all their exciting news with all of you. You're welcome.


Leigh said...

Wow, Kasey, you really do have awesome friends! The article was so funny! I never thought about kids not being smart but he's right! LMAO

Gary's third pottery blog said...

a tiny little teaparty, because it is a tiny teapot--thanks for teh double mention :) YOU ARE an awesome tastemaker! That could be a weekly column! Kasey teh awesome tastemaker!

George and Maureen Johnson said...

You really are a tastemaker, I agree! :) Being Outsiders has it's paybacks. One can view from afar, and not be caught up with just agreeing with everyone else just to fit in. GRRRR....I hate that expression "Fit In", so many people today are searching for something that just doesn't exist. That is why you are AWESOME! You are you! :)

Reverend Awesome said...

Thanks, guys! I think this should be a weekly column. My friends are always up to fun time stuff!

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