Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Busy Weekend

I had a pretty busy weekend. On Friday Alyssa spent the night. I went and got her right when I got off work. When I got there I saw a bag sitting by the door, but no Alyssa. Lacey said she had been waiting by the door for a long time but had to go to the bathroom. She was pretty pumped about coming over. We went walking around in the skywalk. When Alyssa gets to know you she's really a talkative little gal. She always says all kinds of hilarious things. Such as, "If we see a duck, it's alright if we see a duck. They won't hurt us." There were no ducks in sight, but I shouldn't worry if we saw them.
"He's funny looking because he has zero clothes on outside and it's cold." About a shirtless man on a bike
"I can rip this bag if I want." Out of nowhere while holding a grocery bag.
While in the bathroom. "Can you reach the toilet paper from the potty?" Me, "Yes." Her, "You're much stronger."
"Rocky is at my school except not the fish. Ms. Delilah's Rocky. Except I'm not in her class anymore." She has a fish here named Rocky Batman Baker.
"My pajamas are huger than my jacket because my pajamas is a dress. It's a nightgown." While we were driving.
"Is Big Bird going to die?" while watching Follow That Bird.
She was on a dying and going to heaven kick.
"My Dad taught me how to be strong because he's strong." When she opened my apartment door.
We also made some art. She was kind of nervous painting and would only do the sides of the canvas until I put blobs of paint out and told her to meet me at my brush and we'd ice skate. Then she went nuts and loved it.

Then we went to sleep and she woke up in the middle of the night wondering why the TV wasn't on.

When I told her it was Heath's birthday she said, "I know Heath is your friend and can he be my friend too? I didn't know it was his birthday!" and I asked Heath and he told her that she was his favorite new friend and then she gave me a big hug. She was pretty pumped.

Which leads to...Heath's birthday! Heath's husband was planning a surprise outing for him. TO THE RENAISSANCE FAIR, and Popeyes Chicken and a secret party.

I had to trick Heath to get him to the fairgrounds. I told him to meet me and Scott at the cat show. Oh I felt guilty for being tricky. I am no good at it. We pulled it off though! Michael had some beer for Heath to chug before the Fair.

It was crazy. People are die-hard for this stuff. There seemed to be an insanely high number of perverts. The perv to non-perv ratio was off. I can't even type all the crazy that happened there. A guy with a sword pulled it out to prove it was real about 2 min. into things. A girl kept trying to get the guys to bob for apples off of her boobs in her dress. She asked like 5 times. There was a marriage proposal that I thought was an act. Oops. And a small reference to 9-11 made by the Queen when we left.

Here are the photos.

We went to Popeyes Chicken after that and made quite a scene. Heath got Popeyes gift certificates because they were so happy he celebrated there and I won a prize for knowing Heath the best. YEAH! Cuz he's my main homeboy! Run and tell that.

Then I get to work on Monday and there is this AWESOME package from another homeboy Sir Gary Rith. That was so totally amazing and I will blog about tomorrow.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

BOBBING off the boobs?????? OKAY!

k.a. barnes said...

The only renaissance fair i've been to was in Rome, Georgia and it cracked me up because they couldn't keep their southern accents out of the medieval talk. But damn, they had fine blackberry cobbler.

Anonymous said...
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