Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kindergarten Kasey

My niece Tori will be entering Kindergarten soon! So exciting. Tori is not a big fan of school, but I'm sure she'll have a good time and make loads of friends.

In honor of this event and got my report card from Kindergarten. My teacher's name was Mrs. Hagedorn. She was really nice.

(click to enlarge)
Quarter 1
I'm enjoying Kasey a lot.
Quarter 2
Kasey is such a good worker. She has so much artistic talent. I hope she can take advantage of this in the future.
Quarter 3
Kasey is making excellent progress in all areas. Her artistic endeavors are really special. She is talking up lots more now.
Quarter 4
Kasey has been a joy to have in the class! Her personality has really begun to blossom as she has developed confidence. Such a good worker! I wish her the very best.
I missed a lot of school all throughout my education. I just hated it. A lot of faking sick. It makes me want to fake sick just thinking about school. 

My first few quarters were filled with troubles. I didn't participate in class discussion, didn't cut on the lines, had poor oral communication skills and I didn't recognize numbers up to 20. Jesus. Tragic. 

I seemed to shape up by the end of Kindergarten. I must have done okay because I didn't have to go to Pre-K. Except the part where I sometimes didn't know my right from my left all of the sudden?! Get it together, Kindergarten me. 

Now Tori will be headed to school and she is so freaking smart and not shy at all and she's going to do so awesome! I'm excited for her. My tiny best friend.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH geez, you too? I hated school and spent a large part of each school year at home with a runny nose (convenient!) so I usually didn't have to fake sick. I am glad you showed your artistic promise early though. Thank God for that, although why does school have to be such a drag?

Anonymous said...

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