Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Fest 2010

It's that time of year again. Fall? Oh no. It's still Summer that doesn't stop Dallas Center from throwing its biggest celebration of the year, Fall Festival. 

Like most small towns Dallas Center has almost as many churches as people. One of them is even a SUPER CHURCH apparently. You would think with all of these churches I'd be forced to attend one of them. No, that's not how my parents roll. They've always sort of let us figure out our own paths as far as decisions like that go. Will wanted to go to church and they supported that. He even got confirmed. Me, I didn't want to go and when old people around town tried to pressure me and kept offering to pick me up and take me my Mom put a stop to it. No Super Church for me. 

Dallas Center also has a lot of heroes. Here are a few. American Legion is a big deal in DC. They put on the cake walk! Everyone knows how much I love the cake walk. 
In Dallas Center there is no shame in carting a monkey on a wagon through a parade and that's what makes us all so special. I also thought it was pretty funny how almost everyone that went by had some smart ass remark for the emcee that they shouted out during the middle of the parade and he mouthed off right back to them, in the microphone. 

The blond there is my aunt Lori and next to her smiling and pointing is the best babysitter that has ever walked this Earth. Her name is Meredith and the day she couldn't babysit anymore was a rough day in the old Baker household. No one even compared. My parents tried to find someone that could fill her shoes but it was impossible. She was so much fun. She would always listen to whatever Will and I had to say and she even watched and cheered as we had feeted pajama races down the hall. She's a special lady. So is my Aunt Lori. When I was in elementary school she was older and super cool and she sent me carnations for Valentine's Day to my classroom. High School kids dropped it off for me. I was the only one in class that got anything like that and one of the few times in school I was even remotely cool. 
Tori knows how to work it for candy. I taught her that at a young age. Smile and wave to anyone that is throwing anything. We always leave with quite a haul.

And look at this little cutie! Little (huge to her) Alyssa. Her sister taught her everything she needs to know about parades. Her and Tori would wait for our go ahead to get the candy that was in the middle of the road. 
After the parade was over I found Soph and Fran. Soph gives great hugs. This was a running and spinning hug. They arrived a bit late, but still left with a load of candy. 
After the parade I headed over to the most important event, the cake walk. My aunt had a fistful of quarters. She came prepared. She always does. So she paid our cake walk admission and guess who won their first time walking? That's right, yours truly. Tori and Alyssa helped me pick out the cake. Pink frosting and sprinkles. Will even cake walked a couple times. Tori told him, "Dad you need to do this. I know you'll be so good at it." He didn't win, but he was good at it. 
Baby William hung out with Grandpa Bill during the parade. My Dad said he really liked the fire trucks and when the color guard went by twirling their flags around.
It was an exhausting day. 


k.a. barnes said...

Aw, so much fun!
I have to beg some ignorance here- I have heard of cake walks, but I don't really know how they work.
Could you educate me?

Reverend Awesome said...

YES! I'd be happy to talk cake walk.
It's sort of like musical chairs except it isn't a process of elimination it's just drawing a number out of a hat.
They put numbers 1-10 down on the ground. You pay 50 cents for a round of cake walking. They fill up all the numbers, start the music and then the music stops and whatever number you're on, well that's your number. Then someone comes over and pulls a number out of a hat and if it's yours you get to pick out a cake! There's a big table of cakes baked by the American Legion Auxilliary an you can check them out as you're standing in line. It's so much fun!
When I won I jumped up and down and screamed as though I had just won the lottery.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OHMYGOSH and holy cats, you're a winner!!!!!! Alyssa's mouth looks like she had a few candies alrigth :) Rock on baby WILL!

Becky Jo said...

OMG... I'd be jumping up and down for cake too! I'm sorry I missed all that fun.. it was a busy weekend! :)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

Thanks for the great photos and sharing your great day! Oh Boy, winning a cake, and homemade to boot! Made with tons of love! The best! Great blog, and great fun! :)

k.a. barnes said...

Now I gotta go find someplace that does a cakewalk. Like, now. I want cake.

Fran said...

I love Fall Fest.

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