Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Fast

My friend Kerry is taking part in a facebook fast in order to increase productivity in other endeavors. I thought I would use blogger to let her know what she's missing out on.

There have been a few birthdays. Nothing major really. No milestones on my end. One person I wished a happy birthday today I just met on Saturday. She requested my facebook friendship because she thought I was someone else she knew. I accepted cuz we had 5 of the same friends. I wasn't who she meant to add. We talked about cats for a couple minutes at Fran's party on Saturday.

The craziest status update of the day:
dude you know who you are and if I run into you again you better run! Im not even kidding!!!!!!!!!! your a woman beater, and a waste of all of our air. I have never and I mean NEVER hated anyone in my life til now!! get a life and leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know how that will work out. I don't really know her, we went to high school together, but from what I can gather from facebook she has a pretty crazy life. An on again off again thing with someone else I went to school with.

My friend's brother's girlfriend accepted a marriage proposal!

Jill's dog ran through a sticker bush.

My niece started kindergarten and I got all crazy aunt on facebook. I'm just so proud of my little buddy.

My friend down in Louisiana had her first child. Her sister updated us on facebook. She named her Maddyn S'Nai.

Someone got a stupid ear infection!

Lizzie, Jill and Maureen all have house flies.

Penny went all cujo on a weinerdog.

Gay cup idiot is still an idiot.

Another one of Scott's comedian friends has agreed to go on the weirdest freaking shit ever. Some online radio thing put on by Russians, I guess one is also a comedian? (They are brother and sister) They get drunk on vodka, drink beer from straws and miss out on every one of Toll's jokes. If you want you can watch it HERE. If you go to minute 44 that seems a good place to get a gist of how it went down. "I never saw naked black people so let's do it."


k.a. barnes said...

Who needs the FB when I have the Reverend to condense & report?
"We talked about cats for a couple minutes at Fran's party on Saturday."
"Someone got a stupid ear infection!"
"Lizzie, Jill and Maureen all have house flies."
"Penny went all cujo on a weinerdog."

This sh!t is gold.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Penny broke down the motherf#cking DOOR to get at the little doxie....

Liz said...

Toooooo frakken Golden! LOVE IT!

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