Thursday, August 19, 2010

Facebook Fast: Day 3

The day started with someone saying they hoped I (YOU) have a good day. It was alright I guess.

I watched a coworker get excited to videotape para-sailing and then let down because the wind changed.

Tiffany needs a new vacuum. It appears Hoover is the vacuum of choice.

It's Maureen's anniversary! Her and George, 42 Years. Congratulations! She also went to a Renaissance Festival!

My posted some creepy water ads. You can see those HERE.

Gary uncovered a pain common amongst potters, pinky pain.

Becky made friends with some sand sculptors. They finished their sculpture so they left. No sand sculpture picture yet.

Finder's Creepers Anyone interested in some goat skulls?

Another birthday-less day. No one is in the mood 9 months ago I guess

Sometimes in the mornings on facebook I feel left out and weird. I don't drink coffee. I don't like the smell of it and I can't even stand little bits. People just love it so much! They want it in the morning so bad it gets them all riled up thinking about it. Needing it. Craving it. Loving it. I want something to look forward to that much in the mornings. Coffee is not for me though. Maybe I can get super into orange juice to the point of addiction.


Liz said...

coffee has made me her bitch. you are blessed to not crave it. you should build up an addiction for yogurt smoothies, or carrot juice. much better for you

Gary's third pottery blog said...

gosh, yeah, my pal CM says that about coffee too...but I swear I am DEAD without!

k.a. barnes said...

Yes, I am too coffee's bitch. I had to fast last night & this morning b/c I was getting bloodwork done, and the nurse told me nothing but water after 9:30pm. I could have coffee or tea in the a.m., as long as I didn't put anything in it. Then what's the point?? I had such a headache until I got a vat of coffee in me. Maybe you could develop a muffin jones? (Tee hee. That sounds like 1. an awesome band name, 2. a fetish, or 3. blaxploitation film character's name.)

George and Maureen Johnson said...

You are always Awesome, Reverend Awesome...George and I are slaves to coffee...way too much!
That is why we have doggies to walk off our energy supply, do pottery, play instruments, etc...!
We would have a fight club without these "energy draining" lol...! Just don't get addicted to carrot juice, my brother-in-law turned orange...for real! lol lol lol..:)

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