Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Facebook Fast: Day 2

Kerry is continuing her facebook detox. Lucky for us that means she posting about midget flashing and jazzercise to pass the time.

I will give her a run down of what she missed today.

ZERO people on my friend's list were having birthday. Whatever day is 9 months prior to today is the day no one ever has sex.

The youngs in my newsfeed will be starting school. God that makes me happy to be an adult.
Work > School Perhaps most people don't feel that way. People call school "the best time of my life". Those people just don't live after they graduate.

People in Iowa love to complain about the G.D. weather! It was too hot and too much rain and now some people are saying that it's so nice out they have the windows open. "What is wrong with this picture?" Complaining about nice weather? Well, screw you. Move to Florida if you want it to be sickening all the time. I'm not just talking about weather.

My friend Josh of jumping on trampoline fame's brother is in a band. Christopher the Conquered. He's Chris. His band got voted one of the 27 hottest things in Central Iowa right now. Article and diagram: HERE. He's the one pumping his fist in the air between "High Culture" and "Breaking in DM Hot" YAY!!!

Lizzie is discussing the Canadian border's website and how it sucks and she hates it. I didn't go to it, but I believe her. I don't care for the people at the Canadian border.

It's older Iowan Day at the Iowa State Fair. I don't know how that's different then any other day at the fair. Scott's sister captured this pic of the festivities.

Gary got bean dip all over his shirt during breakfast hours. He also solves problems with tea.

I linked to some 2Pac. Keep Ya Head Up

Maureen spread her sunshine on everyone's posts.

Jill is not like the idiot I posted about above. Jill said "I love this weather!!!" See. That's the kind of post that doesn't make me say, "Screw you! Move to Florida!" I agree. I love this weather.


Liz said...

I don't know anyone who likes the border. I also don't know anyone who can find a GD answer on the website. Frakkkkin NAFTA! arg. I'm thinking it'll be easier to drive to the US and pick up the danged wheel.

k.a. barnes said...

Work > School
YES. I am so so so grateful & happy that I no longer have to slog through public school. No more buying school supplies, trying to stay awake in class, holding it as long as you can so you don't have to venture into those bathrooms...

These updates are the greatest. I may be spoiled for FB forever now!

And Gary- you had bean dip for breakfast? How does one solve problems with tea? I'd like to know.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

well, it was an EARLY pre-lunch burrito, at like, 10:30, and it went BLOOP out the back end onto my shirt. As for tea, my ass was dragging and I couldn't think straight....until I had tea and felt like a human again :)
That older fellow having good times on teh bench, has anyone checked to make sure he is still, you know...?

k.a. barnes said...

... still having good times?
YOU check -- not it!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Yeah, you can't check on all the bodies lying about at the fair. Just hope for the best.

George and Maureen Johnson said...

LOL LOL...:) This is great! When I worked at the nursing home everyday was BLAH day! lol lol lol :) That was truly an awakening
experience. I felt so sorry for them, got extremely depressed, and yes it's the only job I ever got fired from! :) I fought for the usual the owners of the Nursing HOme coulnd't deal with truth, just money! :)

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