Sunday, July 25, 2010

Old 97's

This past Thursday I had the great pleasure of seeing the Old 97's on a bridge. It was supposed to be at the amphitheater by the river, but that's been flooded and will continue to be flooded for the foreseeable future. So, on the bridge we were.

Devo was there last night. Why were tickets to Devo more than seeing Old 97's? Do people legitimately love Devo? Like more than just as a jokey fun thing? The tickets were 50 dollars to see Devo, $12 to see Old 97's. This obviously worked in my favor, but honestly people. Weird. 

Once again, Rhett Miller was thinking about me all evening.
He needs to reel his obsession in! My word. The band and audience tried to pretend they didn't notice his Kasey thought bubble.

My friend Scott wore his converse so I had to take a picture to share with everyone. 


k.a. barnes said...

Nice Chucks! 50 bucks for Devo?? That's just crazy talk.

vaporland said...

sorry guys, as far as I am concerned DEVO rules. old 90-who?

I've been following them since the beginning, and wish they were coming to Denver (where I live) on their current tour.

they've had a huge cultural influence on pop music, despite a lack of financial success.

the new album is one of their best ever - you might be surprised if you gave it a listen.

don't know why tickets were so expensive where you are; they're about $35 at most venues on the current tour.

as bob dylan said, "don't criticize what you don't understand"...

Reverend Awesome said...

DEVO is on tour? This wasn't just a strange one off thing?!

There is so much that happens in this world that I know nothing about. People are out there, loving DEVO.

vaporland said...

new tour, new album, lots of interest

Gary's third pottery blog said...

good lord, Devo had their moment, but NO, I would not spend the money to see them, and 12 is an absolute steal you lucky dog..and what do black chuck high tops say about the man? hipster yet casual?

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