Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WWKD: Pull out the Cardboard

dear WWKD- OH my, where to start? OK:
1) so, the wife is out of town and saturday I am out at this concert with my buddies and this HAWT chick asks me to dance. A first. I say NO, of course! But its like when I buy beer and they ask for ID, makes me feel pretty jazzed. The question, the dancers at this thing all looked like they were having a blast, do I get the wife to join me and take dance classes? I think what people do is dance and sweat and then go home and make hawt sweet sure looked that way anyhow.
2) Can I handle any more hawt sweet lovin' in my life? I mean, hell, things are already...ANYWAY....
3) Gotta buy new water system and sh!t for the house. Carless 'cause the dudes at autoworks are fiddling with the brakes. We are talking together, like 2 thou PLUS, car and water. Should I
A) do like Zack and Miri, sort of, and produce a calendar of me in my swimsuit? I mean, chicks dig potters, right? or
B) try grand larceny? Burglary? Maybe hit a bank? Or like the dudes in BARBERSHOP, just take an ATM home?????

Thanks KC, The Czarina of teh Trashy Gossip

1. Yes, take dance lessons. Not just any kind of dance lessons though. I think you should take break dancing lessons. The sparks will be flying. How could they not? Poppin’ and lockin’, it just doesn’t get more intimate than that.

2. We could all use a little more poppin’ and lockin’ in our lives. Wait are we still talking about breakdancing?

3. Hit up a bank in your swimsuit.


Becky Jo said...

Man! Now I KNOW we're in trouble!

I ♥ purple Chucks, but not leg warmers, and especially not leotards.

I vote hit a bank, but dye your hair first... and leave the monkey at home. He'll only get you busted.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

How about I SEND THE MONKEY out to steal an ATM?????!!! If he gets caught he gets deported and I take the money out of his closet! If he isn't caught, I CHARGE RENT! Thanks KC, brilliant as usual :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Wonder who the cute actress is in that video? Dang, we sure did dress like idiots in the 80s, didn't we?????????

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