Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Not-Yet-Husband, Not-Yet Mr. Leather

He's a bad ass, but sadly he did not win Mr. Leather 2008 despite a big effort (making silly flyers and emailing them to our friends ) on Heath and I's part.

You see, a couple years ago we attended the Pride Parade in downtown Des Moines. We're people that love a good parade. The thing is, some people didn't take the parade too seriously. You can do better, gays of Des Moines! Are we supposed to bring kids to an event where men in underwear are standing on a truck, drinking beer at 10 am and calling it a parade float? No. If you want this kind of parade don't bill it as family friendly. But that's beside the point. Back to Mr. Leather. This is Mr. Leather 2007.

After Heath and I saw this we thought the only logical thing to do would be make some flyers for my boyfriend and taunt him with them. I will look at the flyers every few months and send them to him again and laugh. "Why are you guys obsessed with this? It was so long ago! You need to let it go." Why are we obsessed with this? Maybe cuz it's freaking awesome. He's a good sport about my crazy though. There may be a lot of eye rolling, but you'll have that.

Not a float! 

Free Joel! 

He'll always been Mr. Leather 2008 in my heart. 
All of the bullet points are based on things that we witnessed at the parade.


Becky Jo said...

I'll vote for him. Where do I register?

k.a. barnes said...

"Handing out pens at a parade like some kind of asshole." !!!!
I would definitely vote for him. I am also against handing out pens at parade like some kind of asshole.

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Peter said...

Once I really thought Iowa only meant huge fields with all kinds of fascinating crops, and smiling farmers waving along the road.

Kasey, you did manage to change my concept of Iowa completely.

Imagine: I flew all the way to Turkey to avoid the Antwerp (Belgium) gay pride (Antwerp, Belgium still believes it's the Gay capital of Europe)

Let me be blunt: I may sound like I'm getting old,
but I just can't connect anymore with perfect-body 20-somethings
on huge float vehicles.

(You may want to check out:

Imagine that I pass city hall ( front of the Antwerp gay pride site) daily, on my way to my local bakery.

Like my mom said: "at a certain age, it's wise to cover up: gravity alway wins"

But trust me, watching your pictures assured me we do have much in common ;-)

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHA! Peter! I'm all for people being proud and comfortable in their own skin, but sometimes I'm not comfortable seeing all their skin.

This is like women who think they don't need to wear a bra. While that may be true, there are not laws requiring a bra, follow the pencil test. If you put a pencil under your boob and it stays, you need a bra.

I mean, can't you be proud while wearing pants? That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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