Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Fathers Day!

A picture busting at the seams with great Dads. My Dad (aka Grandpa Bill). My brother, Will. Dad of Tori, Alssa and Baby William (also shown above) and my Grandpa (Papa Bill).

Old school pic of me and Dad. That's my Aunt Sharon on the couch with us being awesome.

This is when my Dad came to Fong's to celebrate "Kasey Day" which was just a day that we decided would be in honor of me and people would wear burnt sienna ribbons to help raise "Kasey Awareness" and do you see what my Dad has on? That's right. It's a burnt sienna ribbon. He goes along with my crazy ideas. And when I talk too loud and my Mom says, "Kasey! You are saying that loud!" My Dad says, "She's fine." 
He and My Mom also purchased me what just might be the only red hibiscus plant for sale in the greater Des Moines area. I told them I kept finding peach ones and that's bullshit cuz no one wants a peach hibiscus. I go over there yesterday and they found me one and gave me a cool pot to put it in. 

And there is my brother Will and his girls. They don't just say "Dad" they chant it. "Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad!" This weekend Tori told me, "My Dad can build anything. He built all of the new house and he could built your apartment." She was so proud of her Dad's skills. They both think he is super strong. The other day Alyssa said, "My Dad is so strong. He is like the Incredible Hulk because he can lift things. The Incredible Hulk can lift a house. My Dad can't lift a house." He finished building their swing set this weekend with the help of Grandpa Bill. 

Happy Father's Day! I love you, guys!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Will finished the swing set on father's day weekend????? That is like SUPER STAR dad status, and your dad would invent Kasey day and take you to FONGS?????? When can I become a Baker??????????

Becky Jo said...

You have a wonderful collection of Dads. :)

k.a. barnes said...

Your Aunt Sharon is completely rockin' the "Coach" sweatshirt and the kneesocks. My mom had those same glasses & 'fro when I was little.

Reverend Awesome said...

I love the look Aunt Sharon is going for here. I don't think I could pull off a fro, but the rest is totally doable.

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