Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fran Saves Lives

Weird things always happen when Fran and I get together. Not BAD weird necessarily, just weird. We have a lot of stories. Loads of my favorite stories involve Fran.

This past Friday we got another story. As you can see from my previous post we went and had dinner at Fong's. Great times as always. After dinner we went for a little walk and just chatted. Then we realized we were gross, sweaty hot and headed for the car. I guided Fran back to the apartment and all the sudden I yell, "biker down!" That's not something I just randomly yell. There was a bike accident. A guy was going down a hill, wobbling a little bit, going fast, hit a pot hole and landed face first onto the street.

A guy pulled in the middle of the street behind him and called police. He left his car there in the middle of the road to make sure no one hit any of us. This guy seemed to really like his car from the looks of it too and there he was, leaving it in the middle of the road.

We pulled right over. Fran was out of the car in a flash. This was Fran the nurse I was about to witness. She immediately heads for the bike to get his legs unsnarled from it. Then we get under his arms and carry him over to the curb. He's bleeding out his ears, nose, his chin is gashed open and he's got a huge bump forming on the back of his head. The guy reeked of booze. So, I think was a biking while boozing situation. I think the fact that he was drunk was keeping him pretty calm.

Someone pulled over, got into a cooler he had in his truck, grabbed some ice, put it in a rag and gave it to me to hold on his head.

There were cars that drove past, but there was another one that stopped! It was a couple and the girlfriend brought over a bottle of water and started helping us clean him up. Fran was just directing it all and she was great.

Then the paramedics arrived. One was pretty nice. The other was not as nice and maybe a bit racist. The guy in the accident was maybe 30, I think he was Vietnamese. They asked for his ID. One paramedic got it and the other asked what his name was and he held the ID into his face and said "good luck." So blah to that. And when the same one asked if he wanted to go to the hospital Fran interjected reminding the guy he was bleeding out his ear. The other paramedic said, "Yeah he has to. Have you seen his chin? He'll need stitches." Fran was such a bad ass during all of this.

He was taken off to the hospital. I hope he's okay. They told us we could leave, but we drove by a couple times to see if it was going okay.

This accident was just a block up from my apartment. So from my balcony we could see where it all happened. From the 15th floor I could see the blood in the street and this is maybe gross of me, but I went down and took a picture of the aftermath. If you want to see it check it out here.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

HOLY CATS. I had heard this sad story, and I am so glad you and Fran helped, but dang, that is A LOT of blood. Poor guy!

Fran said...

I love us! We are great and we save lives. Hey, you helped just as much as I did. Most of my favorite stories involve you too!

Reverend Awesome said...

I love us too, Fran! Without you telling me what I should be doing I feel I would be little help.

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