Monday, June 14, 2010

Fong's With Fran

Fong's is soo awesome that I forgive them for misspelling my name.

Friday night me and my best homegirl Fran went out for drinks and dinner at Fong's.
Fong's is my favorite bar. There is delicious food and kicky drinks in crazy glasses.
You should check out their menu.
On the way to Fong's you walk past the Surf Shack. Surf Shack is where bad decisions are made. It's gross.

Then you get to Fong's and it's GLORIOUS! You can hear the angels singing as soon as it comes into sight. Oh nevermind. That wasn't angels. That was the senior citizen strolling past.

They also have fun time helmets you can wear while you do kamikaze shots. This was not a kamikaze shot sorta evening, but I've done it in the past. I'm not really a shot drinker though. I wish I was. I just can't do it. So I sip my kamikaze' a helmet. Dangerous business. Oh and it turned out to be a glad-we-didn't-do-kamikaze-shots kinda evening. You've all had those I'm sure. More on that later. Maybe. I haven't decided on that one yet.

We shared a Happy Fong in this blow fish cup. A vodka, gin and midori based cocktail...

And some cheese sticks that are wrapped in an egg roll wrapper.

And we got their taco pizza. Because when you're in an asian-inspired pizza place, I order Mexican. It's so delicious!


Tiffany said...

That looks really awesome!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

HOLY FORK I want drinks in blowfishes and I WANT TACO PIZZA! Dang, and helmets too?????????

Reverend Awesome said...

It's all super delicious and super fun!

Jill A. Brown said...

Ok... Never been, but heard the Crab Rangoon pizza rocks!

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