Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Time Bowler

My friend Phil is a single father. His daughter is so super sweet. Her name is Amelie. She's a chap stick enthusiast. Anytime I see her she has to go through my bag and find some chap stick.

We asked Phil and Amelie if they would like to join Scott and myself bowling on Saturday. This would be little Amelie's first time bowling or Rolly Ball as she called it. She was pumped. She had only ever played on their wii.

She took to bowling like a duck to water. She was a bit perturbed that she didn't get cool bowling shoes like the rest of us. She had some pretty sweet shoes on though so she was good to go. The annoyance only lasted a few seconds.

Now if you're going to a bowling alley for the first time you HAVE TO eat at the bowling alley. For some reason fries always taste sooo much better at bowling alleys. Amelie agreed.

For part of the game Amelie was beating all of us. Sure it took a few minutes for the ball to finally reach the pins, but when that 6 lb. ball hit it packed quite a punch.

It was exciting being with that little cutie as she had her first bowling experience. "Is it my turn?" and when it was her turn she RAN up to the lane. Then did some spinning and dancing as her ball slowly made its way down the lane. She even started pointing out to me when I only hit one!

She'll totally be a league bowler when she grows up.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

the wife says THATS NEAT and HOW OLD IS SHE and PHIL HAS A GREAT KID! I said, YEAH :)
Omogosh, you would want to go bowling with all of you guys EVERY week!

Becky Jo said...

I LOVE bowling... I like bowling with little kids because it's such a huge deal to get to THROW something big and heavy and not get yelled at for it. FUN. :)

Gordo said...

Yeah, what the heck is it with bowling alley fries? Do they put crack in the oil or something? They're great!

The spinning and dancing helps the ball travel to the pins. At least, that's what I've heard. ;-)

Reverend Awesome said...

It was so cute.

I used to work at a bowling alley. We did put crack in the grease! Ok, not really. But I'll tell you, I never got sick of eating there. I would eat there everyday I worked and it was never not delicious. I don't know what it is. Bowling Alleys are magic.

Gallow said...

Kids help us to see things new again.

Great photos, and description of a fun night.

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