Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tara's 21st

Today is my little sister's birthday. A decade age difference between the two of us! Isn't that nuts. I remember the day she was born. I was in school, gym class and there was a note on my desk when I got back. "You have a sister." I had a sister. Now I wouldn't NEED to put Will in dresses anymore! Oh. I never needed to do that. I just liked it and he looked so cute! I'd even give him pig tails.

Soon I will take Tara out and get her too drunk to function. I will not get so drunk for I am an old and it's unseemly. She can totally do it though! I will live vicariously through her liver.

You see that picture! Drinking a B&J, not when she was 21! Illegal! She's a rebel. If she were me she would have acted totally and completely trashed after having one wine cooler, but she didn't. She kept her cool.

Oh my god and we smoke colored cigarettes without even lighting them! We are magic.

Happy Birthday, baby sister!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

when I was a kid, we could get candy cigs, wonder if they still make those????
Happy birthday to your sister :)

Tiffany said...

Happy birthday to your sis!

Living vicariously through her liver, you are too funny :-)

Reverend Awesome said...

They do, Gary! I got some a few months back. Me and WIll pretend smoked/ate them. How did I not turn out a smoker? I thought I was sooo cool doing that!

Thank you! She seemed to have a good one. Mom took her to the casino. She won money.

Liz said...

wow, 21, I remember my 21st, vaguely.... Although we Canadians are only 19 when they legalize our drinkin' 18 in Quebec. My 21st my boyfriend bought me tickets to see Neil Young at the Montreal forum, opening acts, yup two of them.. Sonic Youth, and Social Distortion. twas a fine evening....

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