Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ode to My Brother and his Bubble

First let me explain "the bubble." The bubble is a term from 30 Rock, a character is just surrounded by people wanting to help them, never sees the rude side of strangers, everything and everyone is good and they don't understand the plight of the non-bubbles.

My brother Will lives in a bubble (most of the time). Heath and I always say that we need to send Will and Michael (His husband, also a bubble dweller) out on a road trip and see what sort of free stuff they come back with. See what adventures await these two bubble boys. Or just sit in the back seat and watch the two of them exist.

A few weekends ago I spent the day in the bubble. Or I was at least close enough to the bubble that I was high on its fumes. My brother went wedding dress shopping with me in Boone. What sort of brother does such a thing? The awesome kind. My brother.

We head up to Boone in THE BEAST (his car) and listen to old school Snoop Dogg the entire way. A car blows some dust onto The Beast. I tell my bubble brother, "I need to get a car wash. The rain comes off the building and leaves filthy water all over my car." He says nothing, digs in his console. BOOM! A certificate for a free car wash. Okay.

"They are going to be mean to me, Will. Don't let them be mean to me." "They won't be mean to you, Kase. Why are you so stressed out?" Well whatever, bubble boy. We get in the store. Take off our shoes. There are dresses. We are told we can look at them and pick what we want to try on. They all pretty much seem the same to me. I'm overwhelmed. "Ohhhhh fuuuuuck." I say in the direction of the dresses. "Well what size are you, Kase?" and my brother is putting dresses on the hangers we were told to put things on that we wanted to try on. My mom and my sister, Tara drove up in her car and they were helping me out too. All keeping me calm. My family is great.

I make my sister go in the dressing room with me. The dressing room is not a place for brothers. No brother wants to see his sister in her underwear. Mom and Will just sit outside the room waiting. One dress I thought was certainly not for me Will said, "Just try it on." I just try it on. That's the one I get! We were in and out of the store in like 1/2 hour.

And afterwards Will took me out for ice cream! Then we get to his house and what does he have set up in his basement? A freaking tent. He had a camp out with his kids in the basement the night before. That's Will. He's made of fun.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OMIGOSH where can I get an awesome brother like that????????

Becky Jo said...

Oh William, always the funster. I knew he was fun in high school, but he's doing more fun stuff now that he's a Dad. I'm glad you found your dress, oh co-hater of shopping. I despise shopping. Why can't clothes that fit just appear in my closet?

I wonder if Will would bottle up some of his bubble and sell it... do you think it grows back, like a salamander tail?

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