Saturday, May 22, 2010

Kev and Jessica's Crawfish Boil

Last night I went to my friend's crawfish boil. Did I know that I was going to the party of the century? No. Should I have known this thing was going to be huge? Probably. You just can't imagine as you turn the corner to your friends that there are going to be cars parked for blocks, in yards, on the street. You don't expect to see a stage, a bounce house, a freaking photo booth, tons of tables with tons of food and Olympic gold medalist Shawn Johnson. Oh and all this was in the town without a single traffic light, Dallas Center. The Buckalew's are putting DC on the fucking map! That's for sure.

Kevin has always been super fun. Up for anything. And he always gets so fired up for anything he's involved in. Also, I know he's got my back always and I've got his. Sure he tried to scare me into learning to drive a stick during our high school days, (He stopped on a gravel road in the dark, knowing I was scared out of my mind) but he was just trying to freak me out into learning. He learned his lesson. I'd rather be killed by gravel road crazies than learn something new.

Anyways, back to the boil. This is the 2nd annual Buckalew crawfish boil. Kev wanted to do something different. The people that used to live in his house had a bbq every year featuring chicken. Kevin went bold. He decided he would order in crawfish from Louisiana to give Iowans a taste of the bayou. Needless to say it was a hit. He started planning this year's party right after last years. He's been working with other businesses to help raise money for Leukemia research. These other businesses include the help of Shawn Johnson. I'll admit, I'm not a big follower of gymnastics, but she was super nice. I don't think the whole sweetheart thing is an act for the press. She's really short. Also a pretty good sport about eating something that Iowan's use as bait. She was just eating, hanging out with the rest of us. There was not press there so it wasn't like this was some sort of gross PR thing.

I told Kevin, "You need to charge admission for this shit!" His response, "Nah, Kase. That takes all the fun out of it." Him and his wife Jessica were great hosts. My word. Just having a ball. There was no one there having a bad time. How could you?

My friend Jen taught Scott how to eat crawfish.

Fun had by all.

And who was up there on stage? Kevin's brother, Kendall. He sings, plays guitar and harmonica.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

DANG!!!!!!!!! Dallas Center, Iowa = the COOLEST place on earth, no contest :) Scott there, he looks a little, um, skeptical?

JenB37 said...

Hands down, best party ever. Scott was a champ! Did he eat any more after the lesson?

Gallow said...

Wow, this sounds like a great time!!! When I worked as a custodian when I was in college, there was a guy that used to catch crayfish in his minnow traps. We ate several of them at lunch time.

Becky Jo said...

Holy sh!t! That's one hellava party for little 'ol DC, IA. :)

Reverend Awesome said...

I think Scott had a couple more after this one.
One person described them as, "dirty shrimp and I like it."
When I talked to Kevin on Saturday he said, "just wait until next year, Kase."

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