Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lunch at the Hospital

Today me and my friends had lunch at the hospital. We were not visiting anyone nor were any of us in need of medical attention.

We went because Bob can convince anyone to do anything. His excitement is contagious. When I left work on Friday he told me to plan on eating at the hospital with him on Tuesday. I told him that I would. Matt arrived at the door and I told him to save the date for hospital dining. I told Heath about our big plans. We were all in. Seriously, Bob can get anyone to do anything. Eating at the hospital cafeteria? Ridiculous.

THE BEST part is one of the reasons he had for going there is because the name of the cafeteria has the same name as our work kitchen. Yes, the kitchen at work has a name. It makes zero sense. It's the Garden Café. No, there's not a garden outside. It's just called that. We have 2 dishwashers and 2 fridges. So it's like a garden on the east side of town.

The food was good and cheap. The thing is...you have to walk through the hospital to get there and you just feel like a freak. We even had to use the elevator and it spoke to us. Told us what floor we were on. I swear it seemed like all the nurses were giving us the stink eye. Bob thought that maybe we could all invest in scrubs so we would fit in better.
This is what Bob is willing to do! Put on scrubs to eat at the hospital. Hilarious.

Afterwards I sat at my desk feeling weird. Thinking I was getting sick. It could have been that I was just coming down from all the excitement of feeling like we had infiltrated the hospital. It could have been me imagining that I was getting pukey from being in a hospital. I was fine after a bit.

So if you are interested in a thrill, feeling weird, good and cheap food, the Garden Café at the Methodist Hospital in West Des Moines is where it's at. Thanks for the adventure, Bob.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

hopefully you won't come down with some sort of flesh eating disease...

Becky Jo said...

Oh no.. I can't handle hospitals. I remember when I worked at Corell and we were excavating the space for the new Mercy wing... I had forgotten my lunch box at home and HAD to eat at the hospital. I felt like I should have worn a dust mask the whole time... smells, diseases, sanitizing gel around every corner. Uck.

Reverend Awesome said...

This hospital is not your run of the mill hospital. It looks like a ski lodge on the inside and out. I didn't see any of the rooms, but I can only assume they are insanely fancy as well.

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