Thursday, April 15, 2010

Eating At Hospitals, Again.

Once again, Bob Jackson can convince anyone to do anything. Bob Jackson could end all wars, he is the person that could sell ice cubes to eskimos and all that. You can't say "no" to Bob. So we ate at the hospital again. Not the same hospital. We're on some kind of a hospital eating tour. I think the tour is coming to an end.

Two new hospitals went up by our new office. Today we went to Mercy. Their eatery was called The Café. You notice how both of these café's we've eaten at serve food? Something to think about, my place of employment. That's sort of what makes a café a café.

Anyways, onto the story. The food was fine. I liked Methodist better, but this wasn't bad. Heath liked the selection better at Mercy. I agree, there was a lot more stuff. I just liked Methodist more. We weren't getting the weird looks this time. It was busier. So that's a plus. I got a slice of pizza and some cold fried ravioli. I bet it was good when it was warm.

We ate by a sign that had an arrow pointing to the "Cath Unit" so that was appetizing.

Bob got the daily special. What was it called? Wing Ding Special! He kept wiping his face. I knew that was a sign of hot sauce burn. I've seen enough Man Vs. Food.

Ryan was very impressed with the trays. They were smaller on one end so they fit on tables better. Engineering genius.

Kevin got some crazy giant pudding parfait.

Bob got asked if he worked there! He was soo close to getting an employee discount. He asked them what the discount would have been, they wouldn't tell him. Who keeps secrets from Bob.

We saw some lady with the worst wig ever. Looked like a poodle sitting on her head.

Before we left me and Bob threw pennies into the indoor pond and made wishes. You want to know what I wished for? Can't tell you! Duh. Then it won't come true.

Chris claimed to continue to smell hospital all afternoon. I think his fro soaked up the scent.

Here's a look into old school Bob greatness.

Farm Slut.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

sadly, I bet that pond is full to bursting, with people's desperate wishes for good health, not to die, etc! You kinda wonder what the cath unit looks like, but you probably DO NOT ever want to go there....Glad you ate there and gave us the report, I mean, what if you folks came across a dining gem hiding in a hospital?

Becky Jo said...

I'm sorry, Kasey. I'm sure this Bob fella is very persuasive, but I am NOT eating in a hospital. ;)

Reverend Awesome said...

Until Bob asks you I don't think you can say that for certain.

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