Saturday, April 17, 2010

16 and Pregnant: Trumpets vs. Flutes

Lizzie, she lives on the coast of Virginia.

Skyler (the father) is studying to be a professional glass blower. He works at a thrift store. Skyler is some kinda hipster.

Her friend thinks she's ready to be a mom but Skyler is not ready to have a baby. Lizzie disagrees. She thinks Tyler is way mature.

She thinks she'll be able to go to college, play flute in the Virginia Orchestra and be a mom. Good luck with that.

She says there's some tension between trumpets and flutes in the band. Trumpets give flutes a lot of shit. I did not know of this rivalry.

Next week is the season finale. I bet she'll be the craziest pregnant 16 year old yet!

She's being homeschooled now that she is pregnant. So she's doing her fluting on her own. Self disciplined with the flute playing.

Skyler has let it be known to the cameras and his friend that he's thinking of asking Lizzie to marry him.

She went to a parade. It made her sad. She wanted to be marching with the marching band. Who could be sad at a parade? A pregnant teen. That's the answer.

"I wanted you and I got you and I get what I want." Lizzie to Skyler

Pawn Lawn, Cash 4 Gold, Quick Loan, Gun Shop, Jewelry Store Montage.

Somehow he preordered an engagement ring at a pawn shop/gun store? Very strange.

What first attracted her to Skyler? His eyebrow ring. That's how teens think! That kind of thinking is not ready for a baby.

Oh he proposed to her. She accepted that proposal. Teens playing grown-up.

Belly button rings for a pregnant belly!?!?!? NO!!! It's all super long and flexible. It's not okay! This is one of the worst moments ever for me. Belly buttons creep me out. I don't know why.

"I hope you don't die." That's what Skyler hopes about the pregnancy. He also hopes the baby isn't grotesque...

Oh these teens just think this is all sunshine and rainbows.

She got her homeschool high school diploma.

OhHH! Skyler cheated 8 months ago after prom. Skyler cheated. Lizzie doesn't believe it. Rumors are flying everywhere. Rumor confirmed. Skyler cheated. Everyone knew but Lizzie. She feels stupid. Poor Lizzie. Please use condoms, kids. Come on. This is just too much mess. They broke up. And now they are back together again. Lizzie never broke down about the whole break-up or cheating or anything. She just thought about it and figured things out.

She's given up her orchestra dream. She's now going to be an ultrasound technician. She's pretty level headed, really. For a pregnant teen.

Baby girl. Named her Summer.

Skyler is working more hours at the thrift store. I wonder if he'll have to give up his glass blowing dreams.

Now Lizzie is dropping out of the college courses she was taking. She wants to stay home with the baby.

Now her career will be medical billing. Career aspirations getting lower and lower.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

GOD that is depressing. You would make an excellent teen counselor KC. You'd pass out KCitos and condoms and tell it like it is! Maybe teens should write on their bellies "NO GLOVE NO LOVE" before going on a date,as a small rmeinder, so mistakes are not made...

Reverend Awesome said...

I would rather they write that on their bellies than have pregnant teen belly rings! How freaking vile!
I would make a great teen counselor, "You're a teen now, so obviously you're terrible, but if you don't get pregnant you will have escaped the terrible soon."

Becky Jo said...

It's kind of like running past a firing squad.... ok, here you go. You're ok now, but once you get in front of those guns, you'll be in trouble, and if you can make it out on the other side of your teenage years, you'll be safe!

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