Saturday, April 3, 2010

16 and Pregnant: Ponytails and Mini Mullets

Hills commercial. Well, look what a wreck Heidi is.

Nicole-16 year old from Florida

Her boyfriend Tyler has a ponytail! Gross-o. He's also a smoker that dropped out of school and doesn't have a job.

Wasn't on birth control or using condoms. Well there ya go, kids. That's how this happens.

Mom has a lot of bangs. It's like mullet-light.

Her Mom had a baby that died when it was 3 days old, on her birthday. Then her husband died on her birthday. Mullet-light forgiven.

Tyler's Mom was also a teen mom. It's hereditary. Tyler is trying to fix his crappy childhood with this baby. I'm sure that will work out well...

The girls are having a slumber party and making prank phone calls. WOW. This is one of those putting things in perspective scenes.

Tyler's mom is young and bitchy. She showed up to the baby shower to start some shit. She's taking a smoke break to chill out. TWAT! She is a twat.

They are out running around at night to possibly kick start labor. Now she's eating weird stuff to kick start labor. And she drank castor oil??
Nicole's friend. "We're going to put her in my car with the bass all the way up. So the baby starts jiggling and dancing and it'll wiggle its way out."
Now they are driving on speed bumps to try to get it to come out. Do people really do this stuff?
Playing pool finally got things moving.

She's in the hospital room sitting in a ball and crying, they broke her water. Do they put you on a ball? I am learning so much.

13 hours into labor. This shit takes forever!

Tyler is down there watching the baby come out. Wow. That's very uhhh brave of him. Tyler needs to cut his god damned hair.

They named the baby Brooklyn.

Tyler's mom is at the hospital being less of a see-you-next-Tuesday. How nice of her to take a day off from that.
Oh shit! It's been 2 days of non-nastiness. Give her a medal or at least a certificate.

They're all fighting over changing her. WTF!?

Tyler keeps wearing an Easy-E shirt. I think Tyler is trying to send us a message about safe sex.

Tyler has a job and is going back to school. Tyler's mom hooked him up with a job. She seems to have reevaluated her attitude about life.

Their families are helping A LOT. The teens are just going on with their normal lives and leaving their kid for everyone else to take care of while they go out. Tyler's Mom confronted him about it. Tyler did not take it well. It was the truth.

Tyler's step-Dad has long hair too!! Sick.

They have realized they need to spend more time with their child.

I guess the good part of this episode was that Tyler was not a total doucher. He was a nice boyfriend. Maybe the first of the season? Seems like it. Sure he had a ponytail...yeah...that's hard to get past.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

so, basically, Nicole's mom is about your age and already a grandmother???? There is a little perspective...

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Dear WWKD--given the choice, if you were wearing raspberry colored pants, would you go with the bright green or the bright blue shirt????

Reverend Awesome said...

Bright green. Fo sho.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

(I wore blue yesterday, today, I shall follow your advice and go with the green :)

T said...

"Mullet-light forgiven". You are too funny.

I've been getting my fix off of TLC's Hoarding buried alive lately.


Reverend Awesome said...

Let me admit to something super shameful.
When I watch Buried Alive I feel like I'm cheating on Hoarders and I feel super guilty! How stupid is that?
I clearly attach too much emotion to my television viewing.

Tiffany said...

:-) haha. I'd feel worse but there's been no new Hoarders episodes. Congrats on the upcoming wedding!!!!

Reverend Awesome said...

Thanks, Tiffany! Just hope I can pull it off without losing the last few of my marbles.

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