Friday, April 9, 2010

16 and Pregnant: Camo Everywhere

This episode is an hour and a half long. Jeez Louise. Must be a lot of trash boxery I'm about to behold.

Leah, 16 and pregnant!

"I missed one of my shots. Turns out you can't do that and now I'm pregnant." Really? You can't just skip your birth control and have it be effective. Learn something new every minute.

Twins. She's having twins. A teen with twins.

Her and her boyfriend were dating for a month when she got pregnant. She doesn't really know him all that well. So, you know, great.

There are commercial for True Life: I have NF (neurofibromatosis) my baby brother Kyle has that. Doesn't have all the problems these peeps have though. He has spots on his stomach where there is no pigmentation. They call the spots "cafe au lait" cuz that's the color they are. That was really the only thing that happened to him. People used to ask him what it was, he would say it was a shark bite. It's all under control now though. Once he hit 18 he didn't have to go in and get CAT scans anymore. They would have to check and make sure it hadn't turned cancerous. There is a high risk in your eyes. Didn't effect his sight! That's for sure. Kid has some eagle eyes. 15/20 vision.

Corey is wearing a camo jacket and a camo hat. He's never not wearing it.

She just peed her pants. Oh my god. Being pregnant makes you pee your pants. It's all down her leg. Corey is being pretty nice about it. He seems like a nice guy, but don't think she likes him too much. Which is a shame since they are having a couple kids together.

Leah and Corey are moving in together. They've been dating for a month. I know they are having kids, but I can't help but feel this is jumping the gun. They can't even afford paint. A baby is coming and they can't even afford paint. They have 60 dollars in the bank.

Sadness. She is looking through old papers saying she wanted to be a doctor when she grew up and how she wanted to go to college. Then they are all saying how "guess that won't be happening."

AND...she misses her old boyfriend. She hates Corey. Don't do it with him without birth control then! How about that?!

Her hair is effed. 2 straight pieces pulled down on her face and a pony tail of curls.

Poor camo Corey. You can see he'll be out of the picture soon. Not by his choice. She just doesn't like him. I think he's crazy about her.

"You haven't kissed me in 3 days." Corey to Leah. Oh the breakup is coming soon. I see it. She's heading back to high school. Seems pretty excited to see her ex.

"I can't stand you 1/2 the time." "I cant stand you all the time." "Why are you with me then?" "Maybe because I have 2 kids with you." Here it comes...guess not yet.

She's flirting with the old boyfriend. Have fun flirting cuz I don't think he's going to want to hang with you and your babies.

Her friends know she's going to leave him. "He's buying you a car and you're going to leave him?" Wow. I feel terrible for this dude!

Her hair is bothering me sooo much!

OHHH she's inviting her ex over to see her babies. "And now Robbie is being weird." No shit. He's a teen and you're acting like it's all good times that you have twins and hes supposed to jump in as the dad.

Leah: "What did you think when I got pregnant?" Robbie: "I thought you made a dumb decision." Word, Robbie.

Oh Corey. You're killing me. He's nice and pretty mature as far as 16 and Pregnant men go. She just wants her good time high school life back. It's not coming back, Leah!

"I was in the middle of two guys. One guy I loved. One guy I had kids with." Leah. This is just gross and tragic.

I think this is the saddest episode yet. Most tragic. Guess that's why it's an hour and a half long.

Corey is heartbroken. He knows exactly what he was. A Robbie rebound.

Well Corey is dating someone else. Now Leah is pissed off. She tried getting back with her ex! What is she so pissed about? She broke up with him.

"I hate my life. I really do." Leah Someday those twins will see this. She feels like her life has been sucked right out of her. Jesus Christ. The end.


Becky Jo said...

Ugh.. depressing. I also just saw a thing on Yahoo News about some health ed teachers potentially getting into legal trouble for explaining condoms and birth control in high school sex ed classes.. I think the people in charge of passing such a stupid law should watch 16 and Pregnant... and decide if they'd rather have some pregnant kids, or some kids using condoms and birth control. Geesh.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh gawd.....

carbon_13 said...

Damnit! I've actually been meaning to watch the show but never know when it's on. I've only decided to watch because of the added hilarity when reading the reCCaps.... :)

Reverend Awesome said...

It replays like all the time, but it officially airs on Tuesday nights.

Liz said...

I have never seen this show, but My 14 year old daughter came home from school with a movie recommended by a friend, called "the Pregnancy Pact" OMG. I wanted to throw up. Kids planning to get pregnant at 15 PLANNING, not just forgotton pills, or drunk no condoms. They wingnuts Planned it.

Reverend Awesome said...

I saw commercials for The Pregnancy Pact! All those pregnant teens walking around like it's cool. Sickening. They think it's all good times, dress them up like a doll and play in the park. Get your shit together, wanting to get pregnant teens!
Ew is right.

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