Saturday, March 20, 2010

WWKD? Wouldn't YOU Like to Know

For people that are new here. I have been known to offer up life advice. Any problems you have, I'll solve them. So send me your questions! Either leave them in the comments or send me a message:

For examples of previous questions they can be found HERE.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Dear Kasey, I am in the men's dept. of a fashionable clothing store. There are these 5-6 guys who all seem to be from a halfway house or something. How do I avoid a conversation with them? One of the guys just started chatting with me and asked me out, although I was standing near my husband. My husband thinks they are ex-cons. Maybe they are crazy too. WWWKD? ----(truly it is she!) thanks, Gary's wife
Dear WWKD-I didn't know all this, although I was there poking around looking for boots I saw last week (sold I guess). If she had told me, I would have gone all ninja on those guys and kicked some serious crazy-ex-con ass.
OK, but here is MY question. Why is the RED sauce at the taco joint mild, the green HOT and the innocent looking orange HOTTER THAN F##KING HELL?
dear WWKD again, my dog ate something nasty off the sidewalk, maybe it was bunny guts. How do I clean her mouth out before she comes to bed with us later? (truly!) Gary's wife again...

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