Monday, March 15, 2010

Random Sampling of Awesome: Awesome is as Awesome Does

Me and Heath being great, as usual.

Since it’s ridiculous it probably makes total sense to her that someone would do that.

I don’t know who it was that did that, but I’d like to give him a high-five and an ass-slap.

This person does seem too self aware to be a nut job though.

She must have put some salt on her toast today to get in a good mood.

She’s been such a good teacher at doing thing half-assed, you can thank her for showing you the way.

I sort of love that she took the automated “Thanks!” off of her email.

Is she telling him how she does her kegals?

She came over and tried to untie my bra. One handed.

His hair salad aka pdf is ready.

Why doesn’t he just turn in his penis now? I don’t think he’ll be needing it anymore.

If she wants to have sex with one of us, it’s gonna have to be you.

Spell check is for people that don’t think aluminum is combustible.

Finally, someone brave enough to call pregnant women sluts.

These past few weeks have been a roller coaster of stupid.

Am I honestly supposed to take this seriously when it’s being sent during working hours? Pish posh.

Self-abuse! That reminds me of your grandpa’s VD pamphlet.

If she was the president of my fan club, I’d have her impeached.

I have no answer to that other then, something. Something is wrong with her.

It will be like a race, except without drag queens.

That’s about the extent of her thinking abilities.

Her interaction with you has "day -shift hooker" written all over it.

This looks like the cover art for the worst porno in the history of recorded time.

I think he uses one period for each piercing he regrets.

It’s all about making wieners look longer!


I don’t want this to go on my permanent record of attempts at ruining lives by acting like this place isn’t perfect.

I’m glad that we’ve gotten to the point where his anger is comical (sometimes).

This is what the pilgrims were looking for when the left England for the new world!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

"Wieners look longer?" Well you got your ball park, your kielbasa, your little breakfast sausages, tofu pups and then your FOOT LONGS and then there is saurkraut, right? And mustard? The trick must be: use a LITTLE roll. Wieners look bigger in a tiny little roll, problem solved!

Becky Jo said...


"She must have put some salt on her toast today to get in a good mood." <~~~ my favorite.

Reverend Awesome said...

You would think that wieners comment wasn't talking about penis, but just seemed like it cuz it was by boners...BUT WE WERE TOTALLY TALKING ABOUT PENIS!

Haven't had to deal with toasty lately. Which is great.

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