Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Birthday Revisited.

I am the kind of person that talks about it having been their birthday for weeks...

To start off birthday bonanza weekend we had a lunch outing. I chose to go to Stella's Diner. Matt even made reservations! So it was very fancy. I got a shake poured on my head. Not on my head-head but in a glass on my head. Bob took this pic and posted it to facebook immediately. God bless, Bob. Then we may have had KC-itos at my desk. This was all Friday.

Birthday Day Day. Most important thing. My brother came home. Little Kyle Wayne. Once I found out that he was out in DC my brain went bonkers. I was just soo excited. Time seemed to be slowing down as the day got closer. BUT he was there. After much messing with me about when he would get here. He told me he was going to Ohio first. He told me his flight was delayed. All kinds of lies. That's my brother. It's fun for him to make me insane. I don't think he's happy until I say, "You are such an idiot."

Scott made me this super present. That at the bottom is the Cursive set list I got at the concert. The top is Tim Casher (singer) screaming the "HA! HA! HA!" part of "What Have I Done?" And he put that light behind the picture (it photographs strange). It's awesome!

Becky Jo was having a pottering show so Fran and I went to Fong's waited for her to shut her show down so we could head to Jeeper's Creeper's. We ate good food. Drank good drinks. Okay. Becky didn't like her drink. Fran and I had a Happy Fong and a Hurricane.

Headed to Jeeper's Creeper's and on the way got a call from my homeslice, Phil. Too packed for him to enter. Well then...there's only one thing to do. DITCH OUT AND HEAD TO DC!!!

So that's what we did. DC is lots of fun when you don't live there. I can see it's charm, but I don't care for the whole everyone knowing all your business aspect of small towns.

Fran and Becky went to the Harvest Moon before me. I was going to go greet my brother in the privacy of Will's home and see my tiny best friends. Kyle let me just keep hugging him. He didn't grab one of my arms and bend it behind my back. He didn't try to pick me up. He just let me hug him.

Will was ready to hit the bar. Kyle was designated driving him. Kyle doesn't really drink too much. So up to the bar we went. There were some strange people that requested their photos taken. One middle aged guy and two younger ones. They were hanging out together and clearly already drunk at 8 pm.

My parents joined us about an hour after we got there. Mom was doing shots. Dad was doing beer.

Will was in AWESOME form.
He put 5 dollars in the digital juke box and we had the most amazing birthday soundtrack EVER! We were listening to NKOTB, Michael Jackson, Nirvana. All the greats. When a couple drunk dude's asked who played this music my brother proudly raised his hand and we all pointed at him. Ain't no shame in your game, Will.

Josh came all the way out to DC to celebrate! Kevin and Jessica came up. It was great. Thanks for a super birthday everybody!!

Then we all made it home safely. The End.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Holy sh!t that is about the coolest family on earth giving you the best birthday on earth, and WILL! My man! Let your freak flag fly!
Kyle, I think, gets a prize for being his sister's number one smart azz, and SCOTT! Its hard giving gifts that women like, holy cats, you NAILED it.
Happy Fong everybody!
ps--have your parents call me next time they are having beer and shots....

Reverend Awesome said...

Kyle is my partner in smartassedness. He learned from the best.
Seriously. I really think my family is lacking any sense of shame and I'm totally cool with that. Play NKOTB, Will. Do whatever you feel is right.
Scott is a good gift giver. For Valentine's Day one year he made me a book of when we first starting chatting over IM. Our conversations. He bound it, put an owl on the cover. I think he may have regretted that gift after I started reading through and declared how hilarious I am. I can't deny the facts.

Becky Jo said...

I think 'Birthday Week' is going to be the new rule in the Brandow household. BirthWeek. Anywho, that was a lot of fun. I'm a little bummed that a white russian isn't nearly as tasty as the Dude made it out to be. Who knew it was coffee? I didn't. Bleh.

You're family is quite awesome, Rev. I mean, you Mom ASKED William for a shot. Chick drink? No, but can I have a shot? Thanks.

Haha! Who played this effing NKOTB?! Did you notice how when the guy realized that Will was with a GIANT group of people he didn't say anything else? We got yer back, Will. Play whatever you want. :)

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