Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hot Sluts of the Day: Gingers. All of Them.

I’ll go through and name a few that I feel are worth special mentioning. Then you can tell me about the special ginger’s in your life. Or are you a ginger yourself? (I know at least one of you is...!)

Slut 1. Angry Ginger with a Soul.
This kid was a weekend staple for about a month. He had a new video every week. Every week he seemed to be filled with more and more rage. UNTIL his spirit was broken. His last video made me sad. There was no yelling. He was just calmly letting us all know he was proud of being a ginger and that he does have a soul. Well I’m not interested in that. I want rage, but good for you for making peace with your red hair. AND NOW South Park will be mocking him this coming season. Thanks for all you have done for us, Angry Ginger Kid.

EDIT: Oh my. Now I see there is a new video after 2 weeks. FUCK. It’s sad. I can hardly take it. Chin up, ginger soldier. Here’s the latest. You see what you’ve done to our beloved Ginger? He can’t even go see Alice in Wonderland with his friends. I’ll be your friend as long as you don’t yell at me. He says he loves those that are cool. So guess he loves me. It’s mutual, Angry Ginge.

Slut 2. Lindsay Lohan
She's ashamed of being a ginger. Which is foolish because girl gingers are socially acceptable and revered. Well Lindsey isn't interested in not being horrible. That's why she's suing e-trade for naming a milkaholic baby, Lindsey. She also claims that much like Oprah and Cher people know her by first name only (I think in this case it's first name and the suffix -aholic). I love that's she's watching TV and assumes that a milkaholic baby is her. That's a sure sign you are completely off of your rocker. Quit hiding the ginge and get a hold of your life.
Here's the commercial in question. OUT OF HER MIND.

Slut 3. Joan's Barbie.

I think we can all agree that Christina Hendricks is one of the most beautiful people living on this earth today. If you don't agree (much like the Ginger Kid) let me say, I DON'T CARE! She is. Peggy is my hero and Joan is just a bad ass babe. Mattel is coming out with a line of Mad Men Barbies. No Peggy as far as I can tell. Which is upsetting since in my mind spending $75 for a plastic version of a hero is reasonable. Look at what Mattel has done to Joan. They took her boobs away. I guess Barbie can't hold a candle to Joan, but who can?


Becky Jo said...

Hmm.. well, there are no gingers in my family. Unfortunately for me, I've dated a couple. As you can tell by my tan, blond husband, the gingers did NOT work out.

jb said...

Have to say , you do make an accurate point or two. As a guy, i'm inexorably drawn to ginger women.or maybe just have a weakness for them due to the rare commodity bit. A girl ( woman) i've known for years who's always made no secret of the fact that she thinks we should date may have actually got herself out of the friend zone by recently getting a red head. I'm looking at her as she came into a mutual friends party over the weekend and thinking "Who the hell is this.. she's seriously" headed women rule.
Ps..i'm being a little facetious..brunettes and blondes are great as well, it's just reds are in shorter supply.I like your departure from the Hoarder's theme, that was hitting a little close to home. Note to self..clean out the f*cking garage...

Reverend Awesome said...

Brian is blond?! I thought he was a brunette. I need to pay better attention to things! My goodness. I feel ashamed of myself.

I have never dated a ginger. Ginger dudes just ain't my thang.

Reverend Awesome said...

I like the phrase "getting a red head" a lot. As if she just acquired a new head. That's fun. Anyways, yay for this new ginger. Unfriend zone her and make it happen.

Reds are in shorter supply. They are literally going extinct. Get them while you can!

I think from time to time Hoarders hits us all a little close to home. Watching Hoarders is a good reminder to be less filthy.

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