Monday, March 29, 2010

16 and Pregnant: The Remix to the Recap

I always call this show Teen Mom. If you don't watch these shows they are basically the same thing. One is pregnant teens and the other is formerly pregnant teens that are now teen moms.

Samantha lives in TX and shares a room with her brother. Boyfriend Eric is 18.

Sam here has been looking up to the perks of being an upperclassmen. I never felt those perks. Were there perks? Did you guys have perks?

"You can't really prevent pregnancy." Samantha's friend just said that. WOW. Her other friend set her straight. Said there are condoms, birth control pills. All sorts of options that Samantha didn't use.

Eric's mom helped Samantha and him hang out on the sly after her mother forbid them to date. Like Romeo and Juliet, only not at all.

She's having a baby girl and naming it Jordynn. She can't possibly spell that like a normal person. No no no. That's not the teen way. That girl will be spelling out her name for her entire life. Way to go, teen mom. Kids should only have to spell their last name.

The cafeteria is the absolute WORST place to be a pregnant teen. So embarrassing for her.

Her parent's seem like very reasonable people. This is not one of those cases where you say, "well of course she ended up a teen mom!" upon seeing the parents. Usually there's a lot of Jesus involved in such cases.

For some reason they are inducing her at night. That seems weird. Why would they choose to have it over night? Oh now it's the next day. Nevermind.

Oh, Samantha's mother is also pregnant.

She has some mask on that made her go contraction crazy. She's screaming.

They are making her get on her hands and knees! This is just insane. 24 hours into labor, they've decided that the baby just might not fit. so they might have to do a c-section. Yep. There they go.

NO!!!!! This is too sick to watch. I'll listen. I cant watch this. Baby is crying. I'll look up in a minute after I'm sure it won't be bloody.

Baby has a lot of hair.

Do people watch the George Lopez show? Seriously?

Mom now had her baby. 2 babies in the house. Jeepers. So there you go. Horrifying birth by a teen mom. Next week looks good/bad.

Here is, Samantha telling her story. If you are interested.


Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

is this in texas? yikes. i never want to get pregnant. being a teen was fun i think. good thing i didnt name the cat Scotiaa.

Reverend Awesome said...

Yep. It's Texas.
Getting pregnant looks pretty unpleasant. I know miracle of life and all that, but damn. That is no picnic.

Being a teen was fun. Until you're not a teen and realize you were a giant idiot. You were a giant idiot having a good time.

carbon_13 said...

wow, this is just tragic...

Reverend Awesome said...

I know. There is really no hope for these babies.

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