Friday, March 19, 2010

16 and Pregnant: Recapanator

16 and Pregnant airs on Tuesdays. I just record it and recap it at my leisure. You guys aren't watching it when it airs anyways.
Also, let me add, I can't blame these teens for being on this show. I blame the parents. You can't sign off to be on TV before you're 18 right? So I think that right there is very telling about their lives. My parent's would never let me broadcast my bad decisions on MTV. Never.

Lori from Northern Kentucky. She's adopted and always wondered about her birth mother.

She calls her ex-boyfriend (Corey) a man's man that really likes sports. He is dead set on not giving this baby up for adoption. Does he have a plan for how he's going to handle this baby? Doubt it.

Goes to an all-girls catholic school. She prays for guidance and strength. Keep praying, it's clearly working out for you.

I am still loving the graphics on this show. Fun!

There is a statue of crucified Jesus with smiley face balloons all around the bottom of it. Bizarre. I feel like that is somehow contributing to the fact that she's a pregnant teen.

Mom is pushing for adoption. Daughter thinks she can handle this baby. Her friends are all pushing her to keep it too. Not your decision, friends.

I'm sorta thinking she wants to keep this baby to get her ex-boyfriend back. Which blows. She's a teen though! That's teen shit. You can't blame teens for behaving like teens. All you can do is just watch it and hate it and wait it out.

Corey told her she could move in with him and they could take care of this baby. Since saying that she's had no contact with him. Her mom called him and he said adoption isn't an option. Her parent's are going to make her go live with him so she can see what a disaster he would be as a parent before she decides to keep this baby. That's actually a pretty good idea.

She went there to move in and he said she couldn't move in because he hadn't asked his (female) roommate about it yet.

She's going to meet with prospective adoptive parent's now. They are talking about an open adoption. I looked it up cuz I don't really know too much about the adoption lingo. Here we go: open adoption is a form of adoption in which the birth family and the adopted child enjoy an ongoing, in-person relationship.

Lori's Dad is now calling Corey to really find out what he wants to do. "He's convinced that there is no way that you guys can parent. That's what he said." Why is he telling her Dad that but not her? Fucker. Now she's decided on adoption.

Oh my. The parents she was going to give the baby to has backed out of the adoption. Corey doesn't want to find a new family because "You know I don't like to meet new people."

Corey is a wishy washy puke bag. I hate him. I hate his white ball cap. I hate everything about him. Poor Lori. As if she doesn't have enough to worry about without that idiot ruining things.

Corey is so smug. Hate him. Now he's yelling at her in the hospital room while she's holding their baby. He's grabbing him all pissed off. He's atrocious. Does she not have it hard enough? She is giving up a baby that was growing inside her for months, console the girl.

She did a good job saying good-bye. Very brave. She'll be okay.


Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH MY F##KING GOD. I am so glad you watch this so I don't have to. Hopefully with a drink nearby.

Reverend Awesome said...

Oh yes. I don't do anything without a drink nearby.

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