Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

We have no plans. Do you guys have plans? I don't want to be all whatev about it, but I'm kind of whatev about it.

Scott just had a birthday, I have a birthday in a couple weeks. How much celebrating are two people supposed to do?! Jesus.

I should do something really stupid. All sorts of cliche Valentine's Day things. I'll throw flower petals all over the apartment. Teddy bears. Candlelit dinner, but just have cold cereal. Whitman's samplers. Balloons. Go see the movie Valentine's Day. (My God how awful does that look?)

Yeah. We'll probably just make a nice dinner and behave like normal people. Not to discourage any of you from doing any of the above. (Besides seeing the movie Valentine's Day. For the love of god don't do that.)


Becky Jo said...

Hmmm. I don't think we have plans. I'm sure there will be some chocolate involved, because I have Brian trained to deliver chocolate on birthdays, anniversaries and holidays. Brian will get up and make breakfast.. probably flapjacks. We will NOT be seeing that retarded movie. I repeat, NOT.

Since you guys are probably a little like us and cringe at the whole commercialism of V-Day, do something funner than cards and balloons, maybe go window shopping at the Brass Armadillo. That's always a good time...

Peter said...

By coincidence, my family is celebrating a major milestone Feb 14.

So I'm off the hook, although I must note that my dearest partner is perfectly able to pass by 100 Valentine's day window displays, and still pretend he didn't know ;-)

Reverend Awesome said...

That's crazy, Becky! He hasn't been there and I've been saying we need to go wander around that place. It is always a good time!

HAHA, Peter! Maybe he's just pretending not to notice the V-Day displays and is going to surprise you.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

We had lunch out, it was awesome :) She is awesome. Winter sucks, and Valentine's a sweet little break from all that cold crapola!

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