Monday, February 1, 2010

My Best Friend The Sneak

Tori has gotten into a habit lately of sneaking food up to her room. Not just snacks or things she’s not supposed to have, all sorts of items.
Here’s what I can remember or what I’ve been told about. I’m sure there is more.

Loaves of Bread
Jar of Peanut Butter
Package of Oreos.
Juice Boxes
A canister of sugar (which should called Crystal Powder)
A lunch box filled with Water (for untangling My Little Ponies hair)

Alyssa is an accessory to the food stashing crime. She goes along with whatever Tori is doing. She’ll eat the cookies. She’ll lie.
They aren’t very good at keeping their stashes a secret.

Their mom went up and asked them if they knew where the cookies were. (After she assumed Will ate them all, but learned that didn’t happen) “No” both of them with a mouth full of cookies.
“Don’t look in my drawer!” Tori told her. There they were. The package of Oreos.

I know Tori isn’t supposed to have water in her room. I only know because I took some in there one time to play tea party and we got in trouble. Anyways, she tells me she has something to show me and only I will know about it and I can’t tell anyone. 4 year olds have the best secrets! She had a secret water stash. It was in a lunch box. We both used the water and got all the knots out of her ponies hair. I was talking to her on the phone about a week later and asked her if anyone found her water. “Yeah. My Daddy found it.” “Oh no! You didn’t get in trouble did you?” “No” Whew. That’s a load off.

The sugar canister was up in her bedroom yesterday. My Mom tried to rationally take it downstairs. Let Tori know that her Mom will probably want it to bake. “I NEED THIS!”

My best friend is a food hoarder. One of the many reasons why I love her.


Gary's third pottery blog said...


Becky Jo said...

I don't think there's anything wrong with taking food to your room.. it's winter. Squirrels do it all the time... self preservation. I could survive on water, Oreos, and a jar of peanut butter. I don't see the problem here. ;)

Reverend Awesome said...

Becky! That's it! She's like a little squirrel. I will tell her that. She will LOVE it. I'm enjoying the food hoarding. It's hilarious. The girl wants some bread! Is that alright with everyone?

That sleeping cat is Tori Kitten. I don't know how much Tori Kitten likes Tori Human, but that picture makes it seem like they're buddies.

Fran said...

They do look adorable, but T is sporting some mischeivious look in her eye. Of course 'Sa is the sidekick. She wants to get in on some Oreo action. That does kill me and how she busts herself out. Too cute! I love: My best friend is a food hoarder! hahahaha

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