Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr. Leather

Oh my god, guys. Guess who's birthday is today? Mr. Leather 2008! Happy birthday!

In case you can't read that here is what Scott stands for:
• Wearing leather when its 85 degrees out with high humidity.
• Thanking photographers.
• Coming to terms with some lesbians being hot and some being less hot and/or gross as hell.
• Freeing Joel.
• Helping to cure 6 year olds of their rejection addictions.
• America.

What he doesn't stand for:
• Cotton.
• Lycra.
• Pleather. Unless your'e low on cash or it was a gift or something.
• Other fabrics that breathe.
• Hating cowhide while being a lesbian from Canada.
• Standing on top of a limousine with a bottle of beer and calling it a float.
• Handing out pens at a parade like some kind of asshole.
• Canada.


Becky Jo said...

Happy Birthday, Mr. Leather. I don't know who Joel is, but I'm sure he feels remorse and should be freed. I'm also for America.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

WHERE DOES THE man stand on KANYE? Important question for ALL AMERICANS and Canadians and Lesbians. Happy birthday, yay Scott!

Reverend Awesome said...

He's a Kanye supporter.
I have no idea about Joel either, Becky. All of these were references to stuff Heath and I saw at the Pride Parade. Despite our best efforts, we didn't get Scott the title of Mr. Leather. We tried.
I blame the fact that he's straight...and possibly because he isn't interested in leather. One of those two things.

Fran said...

In my mind, he will always be Mr. Leather.

Reverend Awesome said...

Same here. Mr. Leather lives in our hearts.

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