Monday, January 4, 2010

Hoarders-What Some of You ARE Watching

It's that time. Monday is my Debbie Downer day. Intervention followed by Hoarders. Let's all have ourselves a good cry.

Deborah-Hoarder With Children

Wow. She has a child that is an honor student. NOW THAT is an achievement in that filth.

Cat sitting next to a giant jar of pickles that is just sitting out in the middle of the living room. Get a grip. Refrigerate those pickles.

OH MY. Husband tried to kill himself. Half gallon of straight vodka. Deborah found him because she had a feeling she had to leave work and go home. A strange feeling she just had to go home. That kind of shit really happens, people! I've had that feeling.

Sad. The kid is worried about his Dad attempting suicide again. The younger kid. That's too much for that youngster to have to worry about.

My favorite munchkin hoarding expert is back! She loves to bun her hair. That's a sign of organization. Bunned hair. Just think of librarians. Those buns get shit done.

"The house is swallowing me up"=significant statement according to the hoarding expert.

A box of chocolates that is YEARS OLD with cat hair all over it. Is she really worried about throwing this out?

She turned her little boy into a hoarder. Young man has hoarding tendencies.

This kid will be messed up for life. Totally fucked. That's sad. His parents have done this to him. His dad and his attempted suicide and his mom's hoarding.

OH MY GOD. The kids are doing all the work. The parents are in the yard smoking and drinking pop.

This poor little kid is running his entire household and his family is ruining him. He has big time anxiety problems.

This little kid is just a mess. God bless him, but he's a mess.

8 years since the oldest kid has slept in his bedroom. It's all clean. I hope things work out for this boy.

Jim-The Mother Effin Bee Keeper

Hoarding bees. If he's not hoarding bees I will be semi-disappointed.

He lost a LOADED gun in the house! Danger!

Atypical hoarder. He doesn't shop. He gets his items from friends. I kind of get it. I could see that happening to me. Gifts from friends are hard to get rid of. I'M A HOARDER!

Hoarders fucking LOVE cats! Oh shit. Me too.

Bricks wrapped in newspaper stacked in a garage...for years. Bricks from his school.

He's wearing some weird button AND A FANNY PACK! Once again, charming hoarder. You can't be mad at a guy in a fanny pack. His button says NO EXCUSE!

I have a high threshold for disorder" the hoarder.

I dont know why he has bullets and things laying all around. Boxes of ammo. That seems fairly odd. I know we're dealing with a hoarder and odd is relative.

Now we've reached the point in the evening where Scott is convinced he is a hoarder. Much like the hoarder, get a grip on yourself.

Oh no! My happy little hoarder is crying. Poor guy.

$480! He found that and an uncashed check from last fall. Another one! $500 uncashed check!

GUN FOUND! He has tons. Loaded ones .What is he doing? Is he one of these people that thinks the government is going to take them away from him?

Our hoarder has been asked to babysit! He's all cleaned up. Yay!

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