Monday, January 11, 2010

Hoarders-My Monday Night

It's that time again. Monday. The day no one cares about reading, but I can't stop writing about. This is my blog. I do what I want.

Linda-Daughter moved out. She turned into a slob. Married. Husband is totally miserable. He's a non-hoarder.

The kids are all afraid she's going to kill herself. The kids are grown—unlike last week where the kid was on suicide watch.

This mom is wrecking everyone's life with garbage.

"Classic Hoarding Environment" More made up terms! I swear these are made up. These hoarding experts can just make up whatever term they want.

She has like a dozen fun noodles for the pool. I don't think she's a swimmer. She just doesn't look like the pool party type.

Daughter is going to vomit. Keeps dry heaving, gagging.

The trash guy is refusing trash from her. Because she's just going to hoard again. They're taking the trash back into her house?

Trash guy gave up hope on Linda. Me too.

Linda still hoards. Of course.

Todd-29 and calls himself a serial hobbyist. He has a girlfriend. Somehow.

Figurines. Video game stuff. Beer brewing equipment. KNIFEMAKING KIT! They are calling him chronically disorganized. CHRONICALLY DISORGANIZED. That means he's not a full blown hoarder, in their eyes.

Ok. I think Todd is gay. I'm just going to put that out there. I know he has a girlfriend. So what? Dude is gay. Unofficially gay.

3 years. Only had 6 people in his house.

This therapist just said his house looked like an open garbage can. They usually coddle the hoarders so that seemed pretty harsh, but very true.

Relationship ultimatum! Guess what? I think he's not cleaning up because he doesn't want to marry her. BECAUSE HE'S GAY.


He has a flat screen. All this garbage and a nice TV.

He's all cleaned up and still in the closet.


lienaud said...

I agree with you. I thought he was gay too. Of course then I found out he went to the University of CA. If he's from the west coast, my gaydar doesn't work there. ;)

Reverend Awesome said...

I thought my gaydar worked all over the continental US, but I guess I could be wrong.

No. I still think he's gay.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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