Thursday, December 10, 2009


Dear WWKD--
The dog ate a cantaloupe. It was almost as big as herself. She is a bit gassy, do you think she'll need to go out soon? Its 15 and snowy after all....
And another thing, when you make spaghetti pizza casserole do you use green or red peppers? Green make a pretty contrast with the tomatoes but I like the taste of red peppers more.
And another thing, do you eat ice cream in winter? My stock broker sister in law says you can't eat ice cream in winter. But she's a little uptight.
One last thing, how is your brother Kyle doing? I mean, that is a crappy place with crappy winters and a long way from the family that loves him at Christmas time. :)

A cantaloupe? Oh Penny. What a strange thing for a dog to want to eat! Yeah. I'm sure she'll have to go out and I hope she's learned her lesson on what's normal for doggies.

I have never made spaghetti pizza casserole! It looked swell though. I would put green AND red peppers. If you like red peppers more go with those. If you are needing some green put parsley or something ton top.

Of course I eat ice cream in the winter. This isn't communist China. It's not like I take it outside to eat it.

Kyle says he's doing good. He misses his cats a lot. He's very chilly. I've sent him lots of care packages. He lives out of 3 bags and he said that a mouse was living in one for a few days and he didn't know it. He opened it and all his stuff was shredded. You know who wouldn't stand for this mouse shit? His cat Bean. She is master mouse killer.

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Gary's third pottery blog said...

Omigawd, it would be Bean the Cat Marine!
I hadn't thought about green and red peppers, brilliant! Or maybe basil leaves, they are green....

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