Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow Day

Today was a snow day. I don't think that happens to often after you are out of school. It felt really strange.

There is nothing that makes you want to leave the house more than knowing you aren't supposed to leave the house. That's what I have learned today.

I was borderline productive. I worked on some business cards for someone's mom for Christmas. What better gift then something made by me? Clearly there are none. Good move, person that shall remain nameless in case the recipient reads this.

I was chatting with our IT guy/my friend on facebook today and he was watching something I had totally forgotten about, Maury Povich! As he said "YOU ARE NOT THE FATHER!" See what we miss out on by being employed? I watched a marathon of Golden Girls on the Hallmark Channel. I'm pretty sure that's the only show that is ever on the Hallmark channel. Which is fine by me. I love the Golden Girls. I have every season on DVD, but I still watch it when it's on TV. I can't explain why I do it.

I heard on the Today Show that it was supposed to snow where Kyle is also. He told me, "when I first got here I thought of it as the desert. Now I think of it as the mountains."


Gary's third pottery blog said...


Gary's third pottery blog said...

Dear WWKD--
The dog ate a cantalope. It was almost as big as herself. She is a bit gassy, do you think she'll need to go out soon? Its 15 and snowy after all....
And another thing, when you make spagetti pizza casserole do you use green or red peppers? Green make a pretty contrast with the tomatoes but I like the taste of red peppers more.
And another thing, do you eat ice cream in winter? My stock broker sister in law says you can't eat ice cream in winter. But she's a little uptight.
One last thing, how is your brother Kyle doing? I mean, that is a crappy place with crappy winters and a long way from the family that loves him at Christmas time. :)

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