Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oldness and Christmas

Why is Christmas so hard to schedule all of the sudden? Was it always this way and I didn't notice because I was in the kid bubble?

This year it seems extra difficult to schedule a time. My brother and I have been calling in other 3-4 times a day trying to figure out what's going on. Which I'm still not certain about. Last I heard Christmas Eve. noon at his place. My parents don't even know! We just know it will happen. Christmas will get here. There's no stopping it.

I don't have that stress some people have of not wanting to be around their family and all that. Family drama. I'm excited to hang with my family. It's just my immediate family that gets together anymore. Ever since my Grandma died the extended family just sort of did their own thing. I think that's fine though. I like it this way. I just need to figure out when it's happening.

Also, not sure why I'm thinking Will knows. His answers are about as certain as the ones I get from 4 year old Tori. The thing is...both of them talk like they know what they're saying. Like it is the absolute truth. Dangerous.

Tomorrow, I shop. Yikes.

You guys have any exciting X-mas plans?


Becky Jo said...

Probably just about exciting as anyone. Brian and I go to Allison's at 9am, have breakfast, the usual insanity of opening gifts. My Mom and Grandpa are there from 9 to noon, then second shift (Dad) comes in around 1. After pizza and gifts with Dad, Brian and I make the rounds to his family. If there's any good thing about divorce, it's that you get, like, FOUR Christmases. :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Holy crap, ARGYLE AGAIN!
Plans? Just the 2 sister in laws coming here for the weekend, who hate each other....luckily there is plenty of BOOZE.

Reverend Awesome said...

YES! Argyle. All the sudden it's everywhere. We weren't looking for it before.

I hope you two have a splendid holiday!

Sister in laws that hate each other sounds like it would make for some interesting stories.

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