Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I have pictures from Christmas that I'll be posting later. (My USB cord is at work) but I figured I would just let everyone know it was a splendid time!! We started out with chili and sandwiches for lunch at Will's. Ok. We started by opening presents THEN we ate lunch. I sat at the kid table again, just like Thanksgiving. Me, Mom, Tori and Alyssa...all at the kid table aka the cool table.

Tori and Alyssa were so pumped about everything. Everything they opened "This is just what I wanted!" they just wanted every single thing they got. I called this morning to check and see if Santa came. He did! And why wouldn't he? They've been super great all year long.

Anyways. Not much to say. Merry Christmas, everybody!
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