Monday, December 28, 2009

Holiday Events

I had a pretty strange Christmas. For one no one could seem to settle on a time for it to happen! All I wanted to know was when to show up. Finally. We figured it out. Christmas Eve. Get out to DC at 11 and I'd be out there all the live long day. When I got to Will's house little twinkly-eyed Tori was in the window watching for everyone. She waved, screamed and opened the door when everyone arrived. She picked out her outfit for the day. A pair of wind breakers and a shirt that she was awfully excited about matching. It was a year or so old so the pants were short and her little tummy would show out the bottom of the shirt.

We opened presents. We ate. We watched The Hangover while T and Alyssa napped.

Then for Christmas Scott got me a pet water fountain thingy and also asked me to marry him. So I'm engaged! Crazy, huh?
I'm sure hearts are breaking all over the world! (not really) And I don't know when the wedding will be yet, nor do I know where it will be. That will be figured out...sometime. It will be figured out when I feel like figuring it out! Dang it.

I'm excited! Also nervous. I've never lived with a boy. I am certain I'm a fairly annoying person to live with. HAHA! Sucks to be Scott!

You know what getting engaged has made me realize? Everyone was VERY concerned about me getting married. Who knew? Gotten a lot of "about time!" and "finally!" I had no idea everyone was so worried about it. No idea they were even thinking about it! I don't sit wondering when people will get married. Ok. I have said, "I hope he/she doesn't marry him/her" but that's it.

Anyways, yes. Engaged.


Becky Jo said...

Oh yes, everyone was thinking about it. We were having meetings and whatnot. Very serious.

HA! Just kidding. I'm a 'stay out of yer business' kinda girl. You wanna get married? Good for you! You wanna have a kid? Have at it! ... and I'm so snotty as to think other people should think the same way. :)

But now that you ARE engaged, CONGRATULATIONS! Good job, Scott! Now, just trying to figure out how to live with a boy... you might think you're annoying, Kasey Dawn... but boys do these things to annoy the ones they love: leave socks on the floor, don't rinse out dishes, and ASSUME you know how to cook... You are female, after all. No, but really. It'll be ok. I swear.

Just play nice, kids. <-- direct quote from my father. :)

Reverend Awesome said...

HAHAHA! Yes, that is quite snotty of you!
Thank you. I will try to take your Dad's advice.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

Me and the missus share many things, but she will NEVER floss in front of me. That is what it is like to live with a boy. You may need to floss at work sometimes, just so you don't floss in front of him. Other than that, you will find it quite easy, I am sure :)

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