Monday, December 28, 2009

Hoarders-What You're Not Watching

Looks like we have 2 female hoarders tonight from the preview. Or maybe it's entire hoarding families and they're just showing the Moms.

Julie-Mom, Photographer, big time hoarder

Let me start this out by saying that Julie is sickened by herself. Not a common thing for these hoarders to say.

Julie has a problem dressing her age.

Julie is wearing peace sign earrings. Oh Julie. Get a grip on yourself. The hoarding and the jewelry.

Ok. Julie was molested. If you listened to Love Line they used to be able to tell someone was molested by their voice. They would just ask "at what age where you molested?" Their voice would be stuck in like a kid voice. I think the same is going on with this lady and her clothes. Stuck at the age it happened. Her whole style.

She's a 7-8 on a scale of 1-10 as far as hoarding goes. I disagree. I would say compared to the houses with 5 foot piles of shit, Julie is pretty good. Let's not be so dramatic, hoarding expert.

All Julie wants to talk about is being molested and these cleaners are just not interested. Send her to a shrink.

She says she hasn't shopped in years. Her kids say she does every month when her child support check comes. Julie is a liar. A hoarding liar.

Uh oh. Her daughter is being accused of throwing away her striped underwear. Hoarder is upset about discarded underpants. "I'm done about my underwear" She just said that. I'm really not understanding this underwear meltdown.

Julie is so nasty to her kids. They are like her mom and she's a spoiled, bratty teen. They aren't even getting the chance to be bratty teens themselves. Which is a shame. We all have to go through that.

Shannon-39 with 4 kids.

She doesn't have a screen on her bed room window. A cat just walked in the window.

Her husbands teeth are sicko! And he's skinny mini. Meth.

Child protective custody came to take their kids. Their aunt has temporary custody while this hoarding is being taken care of, hopefully taken care of.

There are trash bags all over the yard. All over.

NOW THE ANIMAL CONTROL PEOPLE ARE THERE! They're nice. Very nice. I feel like they are helping more than the hoarding experts. Talking reasonable and such. I think hoarding experts are like those parents that never discipline their kids. Kids need discipline and so do hoarders. Time outs aren't going to cut it.

The house has been cleaned! The kids are soo happy.

This little therapist that was helping her out is a cutie. She's a tiny little lady. She had her hair in a twist and a turtleneck on.

Everyone is in counseling. All is "well"


Becky Jo said...

Hm. This show makes me want to clean. I haven't seen this episode yet, but I'll watch it when I get home this afternoon...

Becky Jo said...

Ok, so I watched this a while ago. Here's MY personal observation about both of these hoarders... they are like whiney little kids! Not kids that say "Mommy, can I keep this?".. no, they are the screaming, tantrum throwing kids that 'don't think it's fair I can't have my puppies' <-direct quote from Hoarder #2. Seriously, lady.. you've got 20. And that other chick, having a meltdown 5 minutes after the therapist shows up... *big sigh* It's like COPS, I don't know if I can watch it anymore. It just makes me sad. :(

Oh, and if your six thousand dollar camera lens is SO valuable, why is it buried in the living room?

Reverend Awesome said...

I TOTALLY agree, Becky. That's what I'm saying. Someone needs to come in and not baby them. Tell them they are gross and it needs to stop!

And her wedding ring! Oh don't forget her wedding ring was in there too. She didn't want to find it though. She wanted to lock herself in the bathroom and throw a shit fit.

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