Monday, December 21, 2009

Hoarders-What You're Not Watching

Tippie The Bed Bug! Making her first Hoarders appearance tonight!
Once again, Hoarders. One of my bestest friend's relative is a hoarder. Like for real. She's a hoarder. Wrap your mind around that! I know of an actual hoarder. Paths through the house through the junk to get around. Not letting anyone inside. Hoarder.

Bob-First Hoarder.
He's 62. He has 4 youngish kids. He's been married to his wife for 30 years but she doesn't look that old at all. I think he married her when she was 10. The pervert.

This place is a bed bug mansion. The family can't even sleep in the house!? What is the point of the house? This is weird. So basically. Bed bugs own this house. Way to go, Tippie!

They're sleeping outside in a tent and trying to "starve out" the bed bugs. 2 months they've been outside. They can't exterminate due to all the hoarding.

What? How a 26 year old son. This dude is collecting bed bugs, beer cans and children. He's hoarding kids!

Caulk! What a great word.

Bob is on a roll! He's not even protesting tossing things out too much. Bob seems to really love his wife.

"Be careful of the wooden floor" He's telling the cleaners to be careful of his wooden floor! It's covered in trash! But they should be careful.

They exterminate...we'll see if it takes.

New beds! New bedding! They're back home.

Dick-2nd Hoarder Retired Veterinarian

500,00 dollars this guy has spent on hoarding...mostly beer cans.

"Distant relative, but a close personal friend" on top of that a giant weirdo.

Now some cousin of his. I don't know whats up with these relatives. Now this relative is just fascinated with him. Like he's a science experiment. That's not very nice.

The guy just has a lot of everything. Bonsai books, decorative eggs, beanie babies, baseball cards. He's a collector of all things.

This man is a sweetie. I like him. He has only had one beer in his life and he collects beer cans.

He just called himself "so nice"! "Happy as a lark!"

Uh oh. He's turning into the grump. He really has gone nuts. This is crazy. See a few posts above how I was calling him a sweetie?

It's this cousin guy! He is just dicking around with Dick, trying to get him angry.

Awww. Says he was hoarding accidently and he admits that he's just saying accidently because his ego won't let him admit it. He really was a nice man. Just lost his temper. Richard is an alright guy.

All is well now, guys


Gary's third pottery blog said...

ugh, bed bugs?

Becky Jo said...

Tippie can't come over to my house. It's Tippie-free.

Reverend Awesome said...

Yeah...I hope to stay Tippie-free myself. She is a slut after all.

Bobito said...

Hey, I watched that episode of Hoarders too! The best/worst one was where a lady hoarded food. There was rotten food everywhere around the house.

Reverend Awesome said...

BOBITO! I should change the title of this post to "What Bob and I are Watching"
Yeah! I saw that one. The first one ever. Where there was food swimming around in meat juices in the fridge and she wanted to keep it!!

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