Monday, December 14, 2009

Hoarders-What You're Not Watching

3 million people are compulsive hoarders?

She lives with her two children. I guess the catalyst to all this hoarding was giving birth to a still born son. She kept requesting her son in the hospital. Her mother had to tell the nurses to stop because he (Aiden) was decomposing. Jeepers creepers. (Edited for my previous poor choice in words. Sorry, Chris!)

Her house is cleanly hoarded. I don't think we're going to run into any shit piles. So let's all take a big sigh of relief for that.

There's a dog here. I haven't seen it yet. They said it's a chihuahua.

OH MAN! She has a spiral staircase, but it's covered in stuff so it's totally going to waste. That's reason enough to clean the place up.

Honestly, nothing gross yet. The other houses we could just shovel out the houses. This stuff is reasonable stuff. They could have the garage sale of the century!

Her mom is a pretty nice lady.

Whoa. Success!

This is our first gay hoarder. He says he's 53. He looks a lot younger. These are pretty shocking hoarders this evening. They're breaking the hoarding mold.

Okay. He actually has some pretty cool stuff. He's hoarding collectibles. There will be no near vomiting tonight. Which is nice. All those dead cats have really been getting to me.

Dale has favorite dumpsters. He just loves these dumpsters!!

Dale and the hoarding expert just fist bumped.

He seems like an okay guy to me. He just thinks lots of things are super great!

Do you think since I've seen every episode of Hoarders that sort of makes me a kind of Hoarding Specialist.

Whoa. There was a $100 bill amongst his hoarding. He knew where it was.

We've got a conflict. A hoarding specialist vs. organizer conflict!

Dale is wrapped in a leopard print blanket.

"stuff after stuff after stuff dot com"
-Dale the Hoarder

He just loves his clean apartment sooo much! He's given permission for ass kicking if he goes back to hoarding.

This was an uplifting evening of hoarders! No crap piles!


Gary's third pottery blog said...

I knew a dude who was BI who had a tiny studio apt, he was an artist, and he had the collectibles and stacks of books everywhere but the stovetop and toilet! he was probably a gay hoarder, not fully out of the hoarding and gay closets yet.

Becky Jo said...

I might watch this one. It sounds like happy endings all around, which is how I like my hoarding stories.

Both Sides of Ben Marlan said...

RA, what is this all about? i havent been here in a bit

Reverend Awesome said...

There is a show on A&E Mondays called Hoarders. I watch it and write my thoughts on it while I watch. Usually these people are living in shit. Like literally living in shit. This past week it was different. There was no poop.

Just letting the internet know my bad TV viewing habits.

Sugar Bunny said...

Seriously, I'm a total Dale fan. I saw it when it first aired, and had the enthusiasm to watch a re-airing. There is something about that dude. WHERE is he? Other than the swanky subsidized (and I DO mean swanky at three grand a month) apartment in Boston? I so want to know about his stuff. Does he have a website? He has carvings, and lithographs, and art...he's totally different than any other "hoarder" I've seen. I think he just needs a mansion. And deserves it! I love you Dale! (Even though I'm a girl. Sorry.)
-Mikki in AZ

Anonymous said...

Dale is te best ,
Pete from Finland

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm watching right now!!! I would like Dale to make something for me. Is there any way to contact him...I love the denim jacket he had on...please please pass my info or if you could link me to him.. @kisngia on twitter or THANK YOU

Melissa Miller said...

I don't really get subsidized apartments I guess. How come he gets to live in a $3,000/month apartment but the gov't pays for it? *grumble*

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